Poem : A Glimpse Of You

I have long been trying,
To erase this intense feeling.
And now I am learning,
To forget this extreme longing.

The hugs we shared,
Dreams that now tattered.
Soothing words you used to console me,
Are now just memories.

I weep for those times when I think of you,
Knowing that you will never be mine again.
I cherished those memories you and I had made,
Cried for those moments we left behind.

But how can I ever find the courage,
To accept what you are offering…
“Just friends” that’s what you want us to be.
When just a glimpse of you,
And I am Stuck deeper.

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Unexpected Road Trip : Grandeur Beach – Lambug, Badian

Summer time it is! And there’s no better way to enjoy the summer than spending it under the sun by the beach. Early Sunday morning, I was awaken by a consecutive honking right outside our house. I was delighted to see my two cousins in their pick-up, Our itinerary for the day road trip and beach life. I didn’t know where exactly but I didn’t give a crap what’s important was that I am in for some awesome road trip!

Destination : Gradeur Beach Resort : a random road with friends.
We started our journey, made a lot of stop-overs to pick-up the rest of our friends, took Badian via Car-car route, did more stop-over to buy our supply, after 2 hours of road trip, we finally arrived in Badian. I must admit though it was very hard to find the beach resort, we had to make more stops to ask some locals for direction.  And found out it’s just few more minutes from Cebu International Golf & Resort (you can check out tripadvisor for details),  we trailed along narrow road for about 15 minutes and finally we arrived at our destination. And on that instant we fell in love.

One of our several stop-overs, Moalboal public market
One of our several stop-overs, Moalboal public market

Gradeur Beach Resort – You probably didn’t know this resort exists (that makes the two of us). Well lets face it, Badian is known for the  famous Kawasan Falls. Who would have thought they still have one more tourist destination to be proud of. One can say that the place still needs developing and all, but  too much commercialism can sometimes destroy the natural beauty of some places. For us the resort was good enough, perhaps we just need the beach, the cool blue water, and the view.

We then settled in the native cottage we rented, and started prepping our food. While the boys started to grill the fish and the pork we bought at the market, us girls started setting up the table.

It's a Boodle Fight kind of eating; this is how you properly set up the table when you're at the beach
It’s a Boodle Fight kind of eating; this is how you properly set up the table when you’reat the beach


Ze topless boys by the beach, and ze girly girls! We're so ready to eat!
Ze topless boys by the beach, and ze girly girls! We’re so ready to eat!
Taking advantage of the tree shade beside our cottage
Taking advantage of the tree shade beside our cottage
Few of the several native cottages along the shore
Few of the several native cottages along the shore
Families enjoying the summer sun
Families enjoying the summer sun
Shore-line of Gradeur Beach Resort with the calm sea
Shore-line of Gradeur Beach Resort with the calm sea
My two cousins and I, posing for the camera
My two cousins and I, posing for the camera
Goofing around, macho-sexy pose
Goofing around, macho-sexy pose
 Our failed attempt for a jump shot :-), super blurry
Our failed attempt for a jump shot :-), super blurry


Picture-perfect sunset, before we bade goodbye to Gradeur Beach Resort
Picture-perfect sunset, before we bade goodbye to Gradeur Beach Resort

For those who like to spend the night at the beach, you can rent a room at Gradeur Beach Resort (info from whereiscebu.com) or at Manang Virgie’s Villa Beach Resort (info from  Philippinetraveler.com)

My abrupt beach getaway indeed was fun, it was very unplanned that I never had any expectation about the place. Surprisingly, it left me speechless. The setting was great, the beach  was lovely, and the sunset was to die for, being with a cool company was just an added bonus.

For more articles about beach houses in Lambug, Badian you can also visit mynomadichabits, theartfularchertriptabaimycebu ph.

Special Shout-out to my friends and travel buddies:
Pretty Megs
Ren ren Tapere
Bordie Pangz
Joshwawa Rubia
Janos Rubia
Woodru Kintanar
Jen Baguio Dysam

Gossip Girl – Best Show Ever


Gossip Girl is an American teen drama television series based on the Gossip Girl Series written by Cecily von Ziegesar. The series, created by Josh Schwartz and Stephanie Savage, originally ran on The CW for six seasons from September 19, 2007 to December 17, 2012. Narrated by the omniscient blogger “Gossip Girl“, voiced by Kristen Bell, the series revolves around the lives of privileged young adults on Manhattan‘s Upper East Side in New York City. The success of Gossip Girl led to adaptations outside the United States. The show has received numerous award nominations, winning 18 Teen Choice Awards. The CW officially renewed Gossip Girl for a sixth and final season on May 11, 2012. The final season, consisting of 10 episodes, premiered on October 8, 2012, and ended on December 17, 2012.

Well, you know I’m being bias here 🙂 for those who don’t know, this is my most favorite show. I remember being too excited to watch the next episode. When I heard that the show was about to end, I was devastated. I followed the show since 2007 and I was a bit disappointed when it ended back in 2012. For 6 years I watched every episode of every season of Gossip Girl .  As season after season ended, I was always left  frustrated. About Chuck-Blaire love story, Dan-Serena on-off relationship, scandalous life of Manhattan’s elite they say. And who wouldn’t get frustrated of the real identity of Gossip Girl?

But the last season was different, as Gossip Girl came to its final episode. All the questions finally answered. Identity of Gossip Girl exposed, couples back together and ended up marrying each other 🙂 what a really nice way to end the amazing series. The series I’ve grown to love, fashion statements I’ve followed, I’ve seen the evolution of every character, seen true friendship; that in spite of all there flaws and differences; personalities, attitudes and social status, and scheming, they stick together in the end. kudos to the makers of this One great show; to the staff, casts, writers, producer, director, and everybody that made the series a success.

I miss the narrator’s opening line as she recapped the previous episode “Gossip Girl here, your one and only source into the scandalous lives of Manhattan’s elite,” and when every episode ends; “And who am I? That’s one secret I’ll never tell. You know you love me.. XO XO Gossip Girl.
For those who misses the Gossip Girlyou can always get yourself a complete copy at AMAZONSo sit back. relax and enjoy!


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Photo Credits : Wikia.com
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College Life : Living Independently

This article is all about the first time I started living in the city, away from home, away from my family, away from everything I’ve grown to get used to. This is college life!

Back then, being a newbie to the city, I experienced staying in my room on weekends to keep away from temptations and vices. I was a model child for a while, or so I thought. But I had adapt myself to the changing world and blend in, make connections and network of friends. 7 years I lived alone, and I have grown to get used to the perks and down side of living alone. Here’s my list of the perks and disadvantages of living independently.


1. You have to wash your own dirty clothes – I dreaded doing my laundry, but for a student with a limited resources I eventually got used to it.

2. Nobody will tell you to eat, no home-cooked meal – you prefer to buy your food at the nearby store, specially when the house you’re renting doesn’t have their own kitchen.

3. You have to get used to eating the same food for breakfast and lunch – prefer to just open canned food for breakfast and eat the left-over during lunch time.

4. You have to wash the dishes and do all the house chores – You don’t want to leave your dirty plate on your bed, so no other choice than to wash it yourself.

5. You have to do your own grocery – It’s all up to you on what supplies to buy, queuing for the cashier are the worst.

6. You have to wake up on your own, without anybody waking you up – Bad news for those who are dependent to their mom, she won’t be there to wake you up so set your phones on full volume or you’ll be late to school.

7. You have to budget your allowance – allocating a budget for your monthly supplies is very difficult, but budgeting that insufficient amount of  money is the worst. Specially when you have an emergency project at school, no choice but to give that last drop of money and settle for a biscuit for a meal.

Perks of living alone:

1. When your friends set up an unplanned party –
you don’t have to ask for permission from your parents.

2. You’re alw​ays free to go – 
You’re always available when somebody ask you to hangout.

3. You get to go home late and drunk with out your parents knowing

4. You can have have a sleepover at your classmate’s house without asking permission from your parent. You can even travel on weekends for an out of town adventure.

5. You’re your own boss, nobody’s get to boss you around – 
If you’re feeling lazy, by all means sleep all day!

6. You will learn to do things your way –
Oh yeah! you become wiser and it teaches you to be practical.

7. It teaches you to do chores you don’t normally do at home –
You become more responsible and you learn the difficulties life offers.

8. You become more aware of the value of money – 
You will understand how hard your parents have to work to give you allowance.

9. You will value your family more.

Yes college life is a fun chapter for a lot of people’s lives, living alone, making memories on your own, a great deal of freedom! But with great freedom comes a great responsibility. And so in everything you do, safety should always comes first,  and be mindful of the people you’re with. Choose the right people to get friends with. Remember, RESPONSIBLITY is always the key. Living alone, it teaches you about LIFE!!!

Photo Credits to : http://kickofjoy.com/college-life-best-days/

Product Review : Jam Plus Bluetooth Speaker

For a while now I am into buying stuff from Amazon
that I usually use during my travels and adventures, mostly practical items. A traveller’s necessities. Today I am reviewing Jam Plus Bluetooth Speaker,  basing on seven (7)  factors ; appearance, Packaging, Functionality, Durability or Quality, Convenience, Sound, Cost, Over-all Rating.

Product Name: Jam Plus Bluetooth Speaker
Distributed by: HMDX
Model: HX-P240GYA
Color : Gray

Appearance (5 Stars)
Jam Plus comes with various colors,you can choose whichever describe your personality the most. I like the gray color, not so girly and not too manly, it fits right to my personality. It’s cone-shape appearance tells you it’s very sturdy and you can put on top of any plain object or area. The Jam Logo on the top part makes it more appealing to the eyes. Personally, it was a case “love at first sight”.

Packaging (5 Stars)
As its name suggests, the Jam Plus comes with a very pleasing packaging, a see-through jam jar-like pack. With all it’s “nutrients contents”, the top part of the packaging has the patented logo of Bluetooth and the brand logo which is the HMDX.  It is very easy to carry any where, and the packaging is two-thumbs up.

Functionality (5 Stars)
The Jam Plus is very easy to navigate, Even children can navigate this, that’s how simple this speaker is. It has the battery indicator which tells you the life your bluetooth speaker, Red light indicates that it’s charging, blinking red light indicates the Jam Plus battery is close to draining. and the blue light indicates that the Jam Plus is ready to use. It also has the volume buttons (- , +), the play-pause button, and the bluetooth indicators, blue lights indicates you are connected to a media. It has the Jam Plus 2 indicator, blinking blue light indicates that it’s trying to connect with another set of Jam Plus Bluetooth speaker.  The power button of theJam Plus is located in the bottom part of the speaker, long press for about 3-5 seconds and your speaker is ready to use. It also has the Reset hole, and the Mono switch if you wish to connect it with another Jam Plus speaker. And oh, before I forgot, it can be charged using the common micro USB port and you can connect it to your laptop and phone using the auxiliary jack.

Durability/Quality (4 Stars)
I have been using the Jam Plus Bluetooth Speaker for about 10 months now and so far I have no complain with the durability of the item. With the help of its sturdy appearance and its housing quality, it stood strong to different circumstances I used it with. It never failed me.

Convenience (5 Stars)
As what I wrote on the functionality part, it is very convenient to use, very easy to navigate. Also the packaging provides you with the convenience to bring it anywhere you wanna go. And of course very easy to connect with your media.

Sound Quality/ Connectivity (5 Stars)
The Jam Plus Bluetooth Speaker has the robust sound quality. I mean for a small speaker like this one, it’s amazing how crisp the bass sound it produce, Finally, it can it can connect to any bluetooth device up to 40 meters. I could not ask for more.

Cost (4 Stars)
Cost-wise it is cheaper compared to those well know brands we have in the market now. It is a very practical buy for me, and it served its purpose just fine.

Over-all rating (5 Stars)
Having pointed out the important details of Jam Plus, I guess it’s just right to say it was a good buy. No regrets at all, with all the necessary things I look into upon purchasing things from Amazon. I give 5 stars for this  Jam Plus Bluetooth Speaker.

Photo Credit to : Amazon

At The Beach Is Where I’m The Happiest

Whenever I’m at the beach like when I was in Camotes Island, I always feel at peace. I can think of three reasons why, but I guess it wouldn’t even satisfy why I love it there.

First : There is something in the way the wind touches my skin – The fresh air with a touch of saltness when it touches my lips, it reminds me of the good old days, always reminds of summertime.

Second : There is something in the sound of the waves touching the shore – Somehow, the sound of the waves as it kisses the shore brings calmness in me. It’s as if it brings me to my happy peace, back to my childhood years when everything’s simple. When all I worry about is the time when I’m forced to sleep every afternoon, and every time I have no one to play with.

Third : There is something in the way I see the horizon – Watching that line that connects the ocean and the sky, it gives me a thought of endless possibilities. Imagining how would it feel like to travel to endless destination and reach where the sky touches the sea. But who am I kidding??

Summer is already here and I couldn’t contain my excitement to the unlimited beach-life I’m going to have this time of the year! I can imagine the cheerful laughter of people and giggles of teenager while enjoying the summer sun. Indeed, for me at the beach is where I’m the happiest.

You can check out Lonely Planet (Philippines), for best suggestion on what beaches you should include in your list to visit. And then book your hotel reservations at Agoda Global for faster transaction. Enjoy your beach adventures!

Osmeña Peak : Overnight Camping Trip

For a typical employee who works 5 days a week and gets the weekends for herself, it is always fun to be spending you rest day with friends on a weekend trip. So we packed our sleeping bags and camping tents and to Dalaguete we go. Our adventure for the weekend : A Social Climb to Osmeña Peak.

Approximately 1000 meters above sea level, Osmeña Peak is considered the highest peak in the province and island of Cebu. Located in Brgy. Mantalongon, Municipality of Dalaguete. Mantalongon is dubbed to be the Little Baguio of Cebu due to its cold climate and abundance of vegetables that grows in a cold weather.

Panoramic view of Osmeña Peak during sunset

Knowing the right stuff to bring is vital in this kind of escapade, or to any other adventure you are to experience in the future. So here are some details you need to know if you are planning to head to the south and climb Osmeña Peak.

Things to bring : It is a common knowledge that high altitude places tend to be very cold at night, here’s a list of things that you need to bring to make your overnight stay a very comfortable experience .

1. Camping tent – as you are to spend the night in the camping area near the peak, it is expected that you have to have a  camping tent.

2. Sleeping bag – trust me, you need one. It can be very cold during the night, you don’t want to spend the entire night chilling yourself out not able to sleep. Trying to warm yourself.

3. Butane Stove and cooking stuff-  making a bonfire is not allowed in the peak, so you better bring butane stove so you could cook your food for the entire stay.

4. jacket – You don’t really want to inconvenient yourself from the low temperature, you need jacket to keep you warm your body. But if you have someone special in your life, tag them along. Nothing beats body warmth. You can cuddle all night long.

5. Bluetooth Speaker – at some point you will find it boring if you wont bring with you a speaker, music trip can be very enjoying when you have nothing else to do. In my case, I brought with me my ever reliable Jam Plus Bluetooth Speaker,  everywhere I go I have it with me and it never failed me since. Bought it at Amazon.

6. Power Bank – You wouldn’t want a battery drained cellular phone, it keeps you connected to the outside world and in case of emergency you can just contact your families and friends back home. You could also charge your bluetooth speaker when it runs out of battery.

7. Camera – yeah sure, point and shoot camera will suffice, but if you do have a DSLR might as well bring it too so you could really capture the Sunset at its best. But if you have a Gopro, that’d be great, it will capture the breath-taking view in a wide lens, it would be awesome.
For your Gopro SD card, you can checkout  Sandisk Extreme Pro micro SD card.

8. Water (Lots of them) – It’s best you bring your own water. 1 liter bottled water is enough unless you’ll stay in the peak for 2 days or so. And bring extra water so you could boil some water for coffee or tea.

9. Canned goods, noodles, bread – when you’re on a camping trip it is very necessary to only bring food that can be easily be opened and cooked,  tray of egg will also come in handy.

10. Liquor – Yeah you read it right!!! There’s no better way to warm your chilling body than to drink liquor with your friends. (Moderately, though), with good old talks, jokes and stories, surely your evening will be memorable. Playing cards, would be great if you were able to bring those Power bank generated LED light bulbs. In our case, we hadn’t brought one so we ended up chatting the entire evening. (Till dawn).

11. Dry Bag – In case the weather won’t be on your favor and suddenly it will rain on you. It is best you bring something waterproof like my Outdoor Research Ultralight Dry Sack to put your gadgets; cellphones, Jam Plus Bluetooth Speaker, wallet, along with my other important things. Bought it at Amazon.

Now be a good person and prepare these stuff the next time you climb Osmeña Peak.  

On our way to the foot of the mountain..
On our way to the foot of the mountain..
We literally had to pass through a road near a cliff
We literally had to pass through a road near a cliff
That's the peak with all its picturesque beauty😍😍
That’s the peak with all its picturesque beauty😍😍
Hello Osmena peak!! We meet again!
Hello Osmena peak!! We meet again!
Three tents at the bottom part, that's our camp! Over looking the shores of Badian and Badian Island
Three tents at the bottom part, that’s our camp! Over looking the shores of Badian and Badian Island
And then there's the breath-taking sunset😃
And then there’s the breath-taking sunset😃
As expected cold cold night even our jackets weren't enough to keep us warm 😱😱😱
As expected cold cold night even our jackets weren’t enough to keep us warm 😱😱😱
This is the view from our campsite, picture perfect😍😍
This is the view from our campsite, picture perfect😍😍
Getting ready to descend to Mantalongon
Getting ready to descend to Mantalongon
Final moment at the campsite, just before we started our trek down to Mantalongon (moment captured)😊
Final moment at the campsite, just before we started our trek down to Mantalongon (moment captured)😊
Now there's me struggling to climb that rock with my tent and bag at my back, feet shaking as I capture my selfie shot😉😉
Now there’s me struggling to climb that rock with my tent and bag at my back, feet shaking as I capture my selfie shot😉😉
Downhill trek to Mantalongon market, selfie shot with the " Social Climbers"😁
Downhill trek to Mantalongon market, selfie shot with the ” Social Climbers”😁
The trek was exhausting, but the view was great! Nature at its best, we don't see these in the city
The trek was exhausting, but the view was great! Nature at its best, we don’t see these in the city
finally, after over an hour of trekking from Osmena Peak (feet numbed, back hurts) ; we finally arrived in Mantalongon Market, from there we hailed a motorcycle to Dalaguete proper and went straight to the beach. Good thing I also packed my Seavenger Adult Diving Dry Top Snorkel Set, I was able to snorkel while we were at the beach.

Lets jump to itinerary, although this is a very short and simple trip, having an itinerary can even more make it simpler. (Check out our itinerary below):

Saturday (March 7, 2015)

12:00 NN – Meet up at Cebu South Bus  Terminal

1:00 PM – Departure from the terminal 4:00 PM – Arrival at Poblacion, Dalaguete

4:05 PM – Departure on a Public Utility Motorcycle (Habal-habal)

4:35 PM – Arrival in the foot of Osmeña Peak

5:15 PM – Arrival in the Osmeña Peak camping site (Put up camping tents) 5:20 PM – Ascend to the peak ( in time for the sunset)

5:25 PM – pictorial, appreciating the view, capturing the moments

6:00 PM – Descend back to the camp site, Prepared food for dinner

7:00 PM – Dinner time

8:00 PM – Music trip, bonding, more shenanigans

12:00 AM – It’s a wrap!


Sunday (March 8, 2015)

4:00 AM – Wake up time, Coffee time (the other campers woke up at around 2am)

5:00 AM – Ascend to Osmeña Peak, appreciating the foggy Sunday morning, more pictorial

6:00 AM – Break fast, pictorial, camp out

9:30 AM –  Descend from Osmeña Peak, trek to Mantalongon Market

10:30 AM – Departure from Mantalongon Market on a utility Motorcycle (habal-habal)

11:00 AM – Arrival in Dalaguete Proper 

The trip was very cheap and I know for a fact that the experience was more than worthy of the budget we allocated. We were a group of 7 pax : 3 boys & 4 girls

Budget for the trip:

Bus fare  – Php105.00 (Cebu South Bus Terminal to Dalaguete proper)

Motor fare – Php100.00 (Dalaguete proper to Foot of the mountain, via habal-habal)

potluck  – Php100.00(food and water)

Motor fare – Php50.00 (Mantalongon Market to Dalaguete proper)

Bus Fare – Php105.00 (Dalaguete proper to Cebu South Bus Terminal) 

You can either wait for the hourly bus to pass or you can side a trip to the nearest beach. In our case, we headed straight to the Dalaguete Beach Park and enjoyed the rest of our weekend trip at the beach.  

It was a fun filled experience, and yeah we were all exhausted even before the day ended due to our trekking. But it was all worth it, in fact it was more than what we expected. It was a budget-friendly trip, the best way to welcome my 2015 summer. Shout-out to my friends: Yasmin Michelle (Yami), Hanny Lyn, Cecile, Ramil (moy-moy), Ian, Frandee, and of course to sir Nat for the effort😁😁

It doesn’t really matter how far or how popular the places that you’ve been to, what’s more important are the memories you shared with the people you’re with.

Osmeña Peak : A Social Climb For a Weekend Trip, It’s a wrap! #03782015

Shout-out to my friends & travel buddies:
Ramil Navarro
Hanny Larot
Cecille Hernando
Yasmin Michelle
Ian Paul Razo
Frande Von

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