Indonesia: The Beginning Of The Rest Of My Life

Left the Philippines and currently in
. I am going to live around Indonesia for the next seven months, I am terrified! I will try to learn their language, culture and tradition. Indulge myself into new flavours Balinese food. It’s going to be a roller coaster life from hereinafter. I am so anxious. It will be a completely different life but I am ready for this.

On a red-eye flight from Cebu to Denpasar with 1 hour layover in Manila

Roughly two months ago I left my job in preparation for the trip. It was hard, but it was necessary. It enabled me to travel the few remaining islands of the Philippines that I haven’t explored. The last couple of months were hectic. Not only because of the weeks after weeks of traveling from one island to another but also because of the preparation of documents for the actual trip.

From getting sponsorship letter and telex (few of documents needed for the Indonesian Embassy). No- Filipinos doesn’t need visa to go to Indonesia, if you’re only staying less than 60 days. But because I intend to stay there maximum of seven months, I had to undergo the process of getting the visa. And it came through. I also had to process for an International Driving Permit, and have a travel insurance.

But the jitters didn’t stop there, because the actual day of the trip I had to undergo the last hurdle (the hardest one) the Philippine Immigration. As this was my very first trip abroad I was pretty anxious about the immigration. I’ve heard and read stories about people getting offloaded from there flights, people being put on hold for hours. Knowing these things caused panic to my system, so bad that I couldn’t sleep for the last remaining nights I had in the Philippines.

But as you all know, I did it! I’ve passed the immigration and is now in the very humid country of Indonesia. I am still adapting, but I am getting there!

I am going to miss my family in Argao, my friends, and my life in the Philippines. But I am here now and I am one step closer to my dream.

Goodbye Philippines, my forever home. And hello, big big world!

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