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Cabilao Island Adventure – First Of Summer 2017

One of the most popular island of Bohol is Cabilao Island, It is located in the western portion of the main island and along Cebu Strait. It is one of the smaller Philippine Islands, and approximately 8 square kilometers where a peaceful community lives. What is more facinitating about this island is actually lies beneath it. It is famous for its marine sanctuary, with its steep wall of coral reefs that has been a habitat for several marine species. 

Couple of friends and I embarked to yet again another summer escapade to this amazing island, and by that I meant; a day in the sea, crystal clear water, unlimited sun bathing and of course close contact with fishes and some other sea creature.

Can’t take my eyes off the view

All set for the underworld (disclaimer: this is not mineūüė™ūüėĖūüėę)

Excited for the amazing adventure ahead of us

check out our Cabilao Island video on instagram, click below ‚¨áÔłŹ
Cabilao Island Adventure


Exploring Aguinid, Dao, Binalayan Falls : Travel Guide To The Hidden Gems of Samboan, Cebu

Samboan¬†is an abbreviation of the word sinamboang, which was a ritual dance performed by the people of the village. ¬†Samboan,¬†a small town on a hill. But it used to be very much bigger, with Oslob and Alegria under its territorial jurisdiction. In fact, people of Alegria were made to render forced labor for the construction of the Samboan church. It was only some time during the middle of the 1880s that those two towns were separated from Samboan (the towns of Ginatilan and Malabuyoc, which now lie in between, were created after the separation).¬†Samboan is known for its beautiful crystal clear waters with a rich marine ecosystem along its coastal barangays. –¬†Wikipedia – Samboan, Cebu

Aguinid Waterfalls Рin Tangbo comprises five different tiers along Tangbo River. Each tier has a unique waterfall. One can never reach the peak or last waterfall without climbing the limestone walls of each waterfall from the lowest to highest.
Dao Falls  of Suba is a new spot to wander. It is the highest waterfall of Samboan.
Binalayan Falls/ Bonbon Hidden Falls Рto the immediate south of Poblacion which some visitors call the Triple Drop Falls.

How to get there from Cebu:
>> Catch a bus at Cebu South Bus Terminal  Рearliest trip for Ceres liner leaves at 2:00am, and 1 bus per 30 minutes right after.

>> Choose the Ceres Liner with signed board “Bato via Barili” – Do not choose the one that says “Bato via Oslob” as it the other way around.

>> The bus trip usually takes approximately 3 hours and 30 minutes (depending on the traffic of course) РI always suggest you travel early, as there are only few vihecles in the streets, hence, less traffic. The earlier you get to your destination, the more time you have to explore the place.

>> Take note of your destination, Samboan proper – From there you can either decide to eat your meal in advance as you are to trek for hours. You need a lot of energy for this trip. If you brought your own meal you can opt to eat along the shore of Samboan beach (white sand) or if you hadn’t you can buy food in the market¬†(I suggest you bring your own food).

>> Rent a trike to get you to different falls in Samboan – ¬†As soon as you step out from the bus, you won’t find it hard to look for a trike as they will greet you with open arms and smiling faces. The big challenge though, is to look for someone who is willing to take you around Samboan and can get you to different falls the place has to offer, get the lowest price possible, someone to take you to three different falls the whole day. (Dao falls, Binalayan falls, and final stop in Aguinid falls).¬†Expect to get wet!!!

>> Final drop-off, Bato, Oslob (Ceres Bus garage) –¬† after your fun-filled day, you can ask your driver to drop you off in Bato, Oslob ( Ceres Bus garage). Travel time, 15-20 minutes from Aguinid.


How much would it cost you? (Suggested budget)
Php 185/pax  : Cebu to Samboan via Barili
Php 400/day : Motorcycle rental for the entire day
(contact Kuya Lucio 09227666272)
Php 100/pax : Lunch & hydration or bring food from the city
Php 20/pax   : Entrance fee (Aguinid falls including guide)
Php 100/pax : Dinner
Php 180/pax : Bus fare Bato, Oslob to Cebu City (Ceres Bus)


What to wear and what to bring: (Suggested as per experience)
>> Comfortable shorts & shirts (leggings, board shorts, etc.)
>> Plastic bags or dry bags for damp clothes
>> Outdoor footwear sandals / slippers
>> Speaker
>> Action camera
>> Hydration

Groupie with the road-trip gals.
Groupie with the road-trip gals.
Road trippin' with my travel buddies for this trip.
Road trippin’ with my travel buddies for this trip.
Group picture with my friends, clearly we had a good time here. Taken at Aguinid falls.
Group picture with my friends, clearly we had a good time here. Taken at Aguinid falls.
Taken in Aguinid Falls- Level 4. Only those who dare to climb level 3 can  witness the beautiful level 4 & 5.
Taken in Aguinid Falls- Level 4. Only those who dare to climb level 3 can witness the beautiful level 4 & 5.
Another group picture with the my friends. Taken at Aguinid falls - Level 5.
Another group picture with the my friends. Taken at Aguinid falls – Level 5.

Summer always brings out the adventurer side of every people. No matter what adventure you will engage into this summer, we must remember the essence of every travel, adventure, and escapade, etc., is to have fun and forget your emotional baggage at home.

You can also check out¬†mycebu.ph‘s¬†article about Samboan : “19 Samboan attractions that make it a top Cebu destination

Bais City – Dolphin Watching & Manjuyod Sandbar Escapade : How To Go There and How Much

Third and last day of our Negros Oriental trip, this time we are headed to  Bais, Negros Oriental.  Economically speaking, Bais City is known to be the largest producer of raw sugar in Negros Oriental, the city gives credit to Central Azucarera de Bais for bringing progress to the place. But for a traveller like myself, Bais City is famous for dolphin and whale watching.

A good way to start our adventure - Mr. Sun greeting us with "Good Morning"
A good way to start our adventure – Mr. Sun greeting us with “Good Morning”

We woke up early and since it was our last day, we decided to check-out early and bring our things along with us to Bais. We were all tired from our Apo Island escapade the other day nevertheless, we were still very energetic and excited for yet another trip we were going to have Рdolphin watching and side trip to Manjuyod White Sand Bar РBais City.

When we finally arrived in¬†Bais City¬†after over an hour travelling in a van we rented, we then transfer to another mode of transportation – motorized boat. With sunscreen on our smiling faces and cameras in hand, we then started our dolphin-chasing activity. But then 30 minutes had passed and we haven’t spotted any signs of dolphin activities yet. Our hopes almost draining as we surveyed the waters of¬†Bais¬† when¬†¬†finally one of our boatman shouted “There, There”, as if¬†on cue we all looked unto the spot he was pointing and we were all breathless as we saw the ¬†pod of dolphin (approx.¬†20-25 members) swimming along the waters of Negros. Watching¬†the dolphins enjoying their life, so playful and free; was a dream come true. another first for me. They were worth my time, my resources, and energy.

Just when we decided to end our dolphin-chasing adventure, they left us with the most awesome way of saying there farewell to us. They swam  just a feet away, along with our boat. I can almost touch them, I can see them in the clear blue water. It was surreal.

After chasing dolphins, we proceeded to¬†Manjuyod White Sand Bar – Bais City,¬†approx.¬†15minutes away from the dolphin site. Unfortunately, it was high tide when we got there and the supposed sand bar was 2 feet deep. We docked for a while, enjoyed the supposed view, the white sand still visible under the clear blue water. We didn’t lingered though, as we were to have our lunch in the city, and then straight to Sibulan Port right after.

Day 3 Itinerary : (April 4 РSaturday)

4:30am       :  Wake up call & pack-up
5:45am       :  Check out from C & L Bay View Inn
5:50am       :  Departure from C & L Bay View Inn  via rented van to
                           Bais City (Approx. 40mins Р1hr)
6:50am       :  Arrival in Capinyahan Pier, Bais City
7:00am       :  Departure from Capinyahan Pier 5, Bais City via pump                                  boat to dolphin watching site (Approx. 20-30minutes)
7:30am       :  Arrival Dolphin watching site
9:30am       :  Departure to Manjuyod White Sand Bar РBais City
9:45am       :  Arrival Manjuyod White Sand Bar РBais City
10:25am    :  Departure from Manjuyod White Sand Bar РBais City
10:35am    :  Arrival Capinyahan Pier 5, Bais City.
10:40am    :  Departure from Capinyahan Pier 5, Bais City to                                                   Dumaguete City
11:40am     :  Arrival in  Sans Rival Bistro, Dumaguete City
11:45am     :  Lunch
12:55pm     :  Departure from  Sans Rival Bistro to Sibulan Port                                              (approx. 25-30minutes)
1:20pm        :  Arrival in Sibulan Port
1:45pm        :  Boarding for fastcraft to Liloan, Santander, Cebu
2:00pm        :  Departure from Sibulan Port to  Liloan, Santander,
(approx. 25-30minutes)
2:25pm        :  Arrival in Liloan, Santander, Cebu
2:40pm        :  Departure from Liloan, Santander, Cebu to Argao, Cebu
4:40pm        :  Arrival in Argao, Cebu

Day 3 Budget:
Boat Rental                              :  4500 / 7 pax
Van Rental                                :  2000/ 7 pax
Sand Bar Anchor Fee          :  15/ pax
Lunch at Sans Rival              : 264/ pax
Silvanas (Pasalubong)        : 300/ pax
Van to Sibulan port             :  43/pax
Fastcraft to Santander      :  63/px
Bus to Argao                            :  87/pax

Alternative for Commuters:
Trike fare РCeres Bus station from Dumaguete City   :  8/pax
Bus fare РBais City from Dumaguete City                          :  65/ pax
Trike fare РBais City to Capinyahan Pier 5                         :  15/pax
Jeep fare РDumaguete City to Sibulang Port                    :  11/pax

As my trip to Negros¬†came to an end, I can’t help but admire the beauty the island offers. And just like every other places, they all have some hidden paradise that are just waiting to be discovered. So long Negros, until we meet again. By then I’ll make sure to devour your beauty.

While chasing dolphins : having a hard time trying to spot the pod of dolphins we were chasing after
While chasing dolphins : having a hard time trying to spot the pod of dolphins we were chasing after. It was a very hot day.
Clear blue water - image of the dolphins as they swim playfully underwater just 2 ft away from our boat
Clear blue water – image of the dolphins as they swim playfully underwater just 2 ft away from our boat
The supposed Manjuyod White Sand Bar, 2 ft deep due to high tide we can't really have it all :-)
The supposed Manjuyod White Sand Bar, 2 ft deep due to high tide we can’t really have it all ūüôā
A pod of dolphins swimming away from the motorized boat chasing them.
A pod of dolphins swimming away from the motorized boat chasing them.
The best way to end our dolphin chasing adventure - Groupie
The best way to end our dolphin chasing adventure – Groupie


Photo Credits to : Avis Teo

You can check out Lonely Planet (Philippines), for more travel destination in Negros Oriental and Occidental.

Product Review : Outdoor Research Ultralight Dry Pack

Here I am again to do a product review on the dry bag I purchased from amazon.com I bought it over 6 months ago and I have been using it in every outdoor activity I engaged myself into. Same as before, I will be basing my review  on seven (7)  factors ; appearance, Packaging, Functionality, Durability or Quality, Convenience, Cost, Over-all Rating.

Product Name : Outdoor Research Lightweight Dry Sack
Distributed By : Outdoor Research
Color : Gray
Outdoor Research Ultra Dry Bag

Outdoor Research Lightweight Dry Sack¬†–¬†Same as any other dry sack, it looks sturdy and very appealing to the eyes due to its gray color. The product logo is very visible which makes it more attractive.

It was packed within a 9x2x1 inches box. It was very light and easy to carry. Won’t even cost a lot of space when you put it in your baggage. When I received it from¬†Amazon, it was only inside a yellow envelope.

Functionality (4 Stars)
As what the name suggest, it a very effective. It kept my important things dry when we had an overnight stay in Osmena Peak, you can read my article 
Osmena Peak : A Social Climb For a Weekend Trip, ¬†even when we went to a beach and put all my wet stuff in it. Read my article Unexpected Road Trip : Grandeur Beach – Lambug, Badian. No leaks, you don’t have to worry about your stuff getting ¬†wet.

Durability/ Quality (5 Stars)
Once I abused it and filled it with different stuff, from chips to towels, spare clothes, gadgets and other beach necessities. The handle was great.

Convenience (4 Stars)
It is very easy to use, easy to lock, easy to pack when you’re done using the bag.

Cost (4 Stars)
Cost-wise, I compare it to different brands with the same materials it was way cheaper compare to those. Same functionality but with less price.

Over-all Rating ( 4 Stars)
To wrap it up, I can say it was a good buy. It always serves its purpose. For over 6 months that I’ve been using it, it never failed me. Kept my gadgets and other stuff stay dry, even when it was exposed¬†to water for over an hour.

So what are you waiting for, if you’re an adventurous like me might as well but yourself your own¬†¬†Outdoor Research Lightweight Dry Sack. You can check out¬†amazon.com¬†for more product listing.

Going Solo in Dumaguete City : Featuring My Wanderlust Self

Day 1 РApril 2, 2015 (Thursday)

During the Lenten break, I had a little trip to Negros for a series of adventure in several parts of the island. But the main reason for my travel though, was to visit Apo Island. I had plenty of slack time during the first day which gave me enough time to wander around Dumaguete City alone.

What I really like about the city of Dumaguete is that it is very easy to navigate, you won’t find it hard to search for the places you like to visit and the famous establishments are very near to each other that you can just walk your way from one place to another. Another plus factor for me are the people in Dumaguete, they are very accommodating and very friendly, they always give you their warm smile as you walk pass them or even when you ask for directions.

My friends and I were staying at the C & L Bay View Inn, about 3 minutes walk from the boulevard. it was half past noon when I arrived in the hotel, my friends we’re already there as they travelled ahead of me. I’m not really that kind of person who stays at one place for a longer time specially when I’m in an unfamilir place. I always have that urge to go out, wander around, discover what that place can offer. And So I did just that, together with my friends we headed out to grab some lunch to that cafe called ” 2 Storey Kitchen”, it took us about 15 minutes to find the place as it was situated 3 blocks away from the hotel. It was a korean themed owned by a well, korean. The food was great, their Cheesy Mushroom & Bacon burger is a must have. After our lunch my friends decided to have a massage at a nearby Japanese Massage salon and so I decided to have my own experience. With a cap on my head, sunglasses on my eyes and gopro in my hand – I started going solo in Dumaguete City.

First stop – the famous Siliman University.¬†as¬†I ¬†walked my way on the streets of Siliman university, I can’t help but be amaze of the fact I am there alone, wandering the streets of the first american university in the country, or should I mention the entire continent. It was a great feeling, The air that surrounds the entire university feels so fresh as I was¬†surrounded by huge acacia trees (kinda creepy actually), but my appreciation to the place is far more intense than the creepy feeling I felt.

While walking in the streets of Siliman University, can’t ask somebody to take a photo of me. Selfie time.

Next stop,” I Love Dumaguete” sign. Just like any other typical tourist, I took some time to visit the landmark and of course captured some photos. So very typical of me:-)

Typical me, taking a selfie at the “I heart Dumaguete” signage.

Right after my short stop at the¬†Dumaguete sign, I then on proceeded to the boulevard. I enjoyed the long walk in the pavement, I felt so calm. I felt refreshed while watching the waves as it touches the breakwater. I didn’t stay long though as it was very hot, it was a sunny Thursday!

Dumaguete Boulevard
Enjoy the long walk in the pavement of Dumaguete Boulevard

After exploring the boulevard and buying souvenir stuff at the sidewalk, I decided to cross the highway and went straight to Sans Rival Bistro – it’s a famous restaurant along Rizal boulevard facing the ocean. You wouldn’t want to miss this place if you happen to visit Dumaguete, it’s a must that you drop-by at this place. Plus they serve delicious dessert, you’ll never get enough of.

San Rival
Sans Rival Bistro along Rizal Boulevard, facing the ocean view . Click below for more details about Sans Rival Bistro:

Sans Rival Bistro – Dumaguete


After some time I went back to the hotel, I was kinda tired to, I need some rest. Later that day, me and my friends went back to the boulevard and eat street food there, It was kinda amazing there during the night.

C & L Bay Niew Suites, where we stayed for our entire stay in Dumaguete City. a fiveminutes walk from the boulevard. you can check-out there FB page for details.
Fast craft to Sibulan Port via Santander Express I. Just a 45 minutes rides depending on the waves.
A quick selfie shot while strolling along the streets of Siliman University.

At the end of my day trip, I realized sometimes it’s good to just go solo once in a while. To just go where your gut leads you, without consulting anybody, without worrying where to go next. It felt so good, I’d love to do it again.

Unexpected Road Trip : Grandeur Beach – Lambug, Badian

Summer time it is! And there’s no better way to enjoy the summer than spending it under the sun by the beach.¬†Early Sunday morning, I was awaken by a consecutive honking right outside our house. I was delighted to see my two cousins in their pick-up, Our itinerary for the day road trip and beach life. I didn’t know where exactly but I didn’t give a crap what’s important was that I am in for some awesome road trip!

Destination : Gradeur Beach Resort : a random road with friends.
We¬†started our journey, made a lot of stop-overs to pick-up the rest of our friends, took Badian via Car-car¬†route, did more stop-over to buy our supply, after 2 hours of road trip, we finally arrived in Badian.¬†I must admit though it was very hard to find the beach resort, we had to make more stops to ask some locals for direction. ¬†And found out it’s just few more minutes from¬†Cebu International Golf & Resort¬†(you can check out¬†tripadvisor¬†for details),¬†¬†we trailed along narrow road for about 15 minutes and finally we arrived at our destination. And on that instant we fell in love.

One of our several stop-overs, Moalboal public market
One of our several stop-overs, Moalboal public market

Gradeur Beach Resort¬†– You probably didn’t know this resort exists (that makes the two of us). Well lets face it, Badian is known for the ¬†famous¬†Kawasan Falls.¬†Who would have thought they still have one more tourist destination¬†to be proud of. One can say that the place still needs developing and all, but ¬†too much commercialism can sometimes destroy the natural beauty of some places. For us the resort was good enough, perhaps we just need the beach, the cool blue water, and the view.

We then settled in the native cottage we rented, and started prepping our food. While the boys started to grill the fish and the pork we bought at the market, us girls started setting up the table.

It's a Boodle Fight kind of eating; this is how you properly set up the table when you're at the beach
It’s a Boodle Fight kind of eating; this is how you properly set up the table when you’reat the beach


Ze topless boys by the beach, and ze girly girls! We're so ready to eat!
Ze topless boys by the beach, and ze girly girls! We’re so ready to eat!
Taking advantage of the tree shade beside our cottage
Taking advantage of the tree shade beside our cottage
Few of the several native cottages along the shore
Few of the several native cottages along the shore
Families enjoying the summer sun
Families enjoying the summer sun
Shore-line of Gradeur Beach Resort with the calm sea
Shore-line of Gradeur Beach Resort with the calm sea
My two cousins and I, posing for the camera
My two cousins and I, posing for the camera
Goofing around, macho-sexy pose
Goofing around, macho-sexy pose
 Our failed attempt for a jump shot :-), super blurry
Our failed attempt for a jump shot :-), super blurry


Picture-perfect sunset, before we bade goodbye to Gradeur Beach Resort
Picture-perfect sunset, before we bade goodbye to Gradeur Beach Resort

For those who like to spend the night at the beach, you can rent a room at¬†Gradeur Beach Resort¬†(info¬†from¬†whereiscebu.com) or at Manang Virgie’s Villa Beach Resort¬†(info from ¬†Philippinetraveler.com)

My abrupt beach getaway indeed was fun, it was very unplanned that I never had any expectation about the place. Surprisingly, it left me speechless. The setting was great, the beach  was lovely, and the sunset was to die for, being with a cool company was just an added bonus.

For more articles about beach houses in Lambug, Badian you can also visit mynomadichabits, theartfularcher, triptabai, mycebu ph.

Special Shout-out to my friends and travel buddies:
Pretty Megs
Ren ren Tapere
Bordie Pangz
Joshwawa Rubia
Janos Rubia
Woodru Kintanar
Jen Baguio Dysam

Product Review : Jam Plus Bluetooth Speaker

For a while now I am into buying stuff from Amazon
that I usually use during my travels and adventures, mostly practical items. A traveller’s necessities. Today I am reviewing Jam Plus Bluetooth Speaker, ¬†basing on seven (7) ¬†factors ; appearance, Packaging, Functionality, Durability or Quality, Convenience, Sound, Cost, Over-all Rating.

Product Name: Jam Plus Bluetooth Speaker
Distributed by: HMDX
Model: HX-P240GYA
Color : Gray

Appearance (5 Stars)
Jam Plus¬†comes with various colors,you can choose whichever describe your personality the most. I like the¬†gray¬†color, not so girly and not too manly, it fits right to my personality. It’s cone-shape appearance tells you it’s very sturdy and you can put on top of any plain object or area. The Jam Logo¬†on the top part makes it more appealing to the eyes. Personally, it was a case “love at first sight”.

Packaging (5 Stars)
As its name suggests, the¬†Jam Plus¬†comes with a very pleasing packaging, a see-through¬†jam jar-like pack. With all it’s “nutrients contents”, the top part of the packaging has the patented logo of Bluetooth and the brand logo which is the HMDX. ¬†It is very easy to carry any where, and the packaging is two-thumbs up.

Functionality (5 Stars)
The Jam Plus is very easy to navigate, Even children can navigate this, that’s how simple this speaker is. It has the battery indicator which tells you the life your bluetooth speaker, Red light indicates that it’s charging, blinking red light indicates the Jam Plus¬†battery is close to draining. and the blue light indicates that the Jam Plus is ready to use. It also has the volume buttons (- , +), the play-pause button, and the bluetooth indicators, blue lights indicates you are connected to a media. It has the¬†Jam Plus¬†2 indicator, blinking blue light indicates that it’s trying to connect with another set of¬†Jam Plus¬†Bluetooth speaker. ¬†The power button of theJam Plus¬†is located in the bottom part of the speaker, long press for about 3-5 seconds and your speaker is ready to use. It also has the Reset hole, and the Mono switch if you wish to¬†connect¬†it with another¬†Jam Plus¬†speaker. And oh, before I forgot, it can be charged using the common micro USB port and you can connect it to your laptop and phone using the auxiliary jack.

Durability/Quality (4 Stars)
I have been using the Jam Plus Bluetooth Speaker for about 10 months now and so far I have no complain with the durability of the item. With the help of its sturdy appearance and its housing quality, it stood strong to different circumstances I used it with. It never failed me.

Convenience (5 Stars)
As what I wrote on the functionality part, it is very convenient to use, very easy to navigate. Also the packaging provides you with the convenience to bring it anywhere you wanna go. And of course very easy to connect with your media.

Sound Quality/ Connectivity (5 Stars)
The¬†Jam Plus Bluetooth Speaker¬†has the robust¬†sound quality. I mean for a small speaker like this one, it’s amazing how crisp the bass sound it produce, Finally, it can it can connect to any bluetooth device up to 40 meters. I could not ask for more.

Cost (4 Stars)
Cost-wise it is cheaper compared to those well know brands we have in the market now. It is a very practical buy for me, and it served its purpose just fine.

Over-all rating (5 Stars)
Having pointed out the important details of¬†Jam Plus, I guess it’s just right to say it was a good buy. No regrets at all, with all the necessary things I look into upon purchasing things from¬†Amazon. I give 5 stars for this¬†¬†Jam Plus Bluetooth Speaker.

Photo Credit to : Amazon