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At The Beach Is Where I’m The Happiest

Whenever I’m at the beach like when I was in Camotes Island, I always feel at peace. I can think of three reasons why, but I guess it wouldn’t even satisfy why I love it there.

First : There is something in the way the wind touches my skin – The fresh air with a touch of saltness when it touches my lips, it reminds me of the good old days, always reminds of summertime.

Second : There is something in the sound of the waves touching the shore – Somehow, the sound of the waves as it kisses the shore brings calmness in me. It’s as if it brings me to my happy peace, back to my childhood years when everything’s simple. When all I worry about is the time when I’m forced to sleep every afternoon, and every time I have no one to play with.

Third : There is something in the way I see the horizon – Watching that line that connects the ocean and the sky, it gives me a thought of endless possibilities. Imagining how would it feel like to travel to endless destination and reach where the sky touches the sea. But who am I kidding??

Summer is already here and I couldn’t contain my excitement to the unlimited beach-life I’m going to have this time of the year! I can imagine the cheerful laughter of people and giggles of teenager while enjoying the summer sun. Indeed, for me at the beach is where I’m the happiest.

You can check out Lonely Planet (Philippines), for best suggestion on what beaches you should include in your list to visit. And then book your hotel reservations at Agoda Global for faster transaction. Enjoy your beach adventures!

Osmeña Peak : Overnight Camping Trip

Created a new YouTube channel for my travel videos – Girls On Global Adventures , Check it out! I post new videos weekly. I am currently traveling through Southeast Asia.

For a typical employee who works 5 days a week and gets the weekends for herself, it is always fun to be spending you rest day with friends on a weekend trip. So we packed our sleeping bags and camping tents and to Dalaguete we go. Our adventure for the weekend : A Social Climb to Osmeña Peak.

Approximately 1000 meters above sea level, Osmeña Peak is considered the highest peak in the province and island of Cebu. Located in Brgy. Mantalongon, Municipality of Dalaguete. Mantalongon is dubbed to be the Little Baguio of Cebu due to its cold climate and abundance of vegetables that grows in a cold weather.

Panoramic view of Osmeña Peak during sunset

Knowing the right stuff to bring is vital in this kind of escapade, or to any other adventure you are to experience in the future. So here are some details you need to know if you are planning to head to the south and climb Osmeña Peak.

Things to bring : It is a common knowledge that high altitude places tend to be very cold at night, here’s a list of things that you need to bring to make your overnight stay a very comfortable experience .

1. Camping tent – as you are to spend the night in the camping area near the peak, it is expected that you have to have a  camping tent.

2. Sleeping bag – trust me, you need one. It can be very cold during the night, you don’t want to spend the entire night chilling yourself out not able to sleep. Trying to warm yourself.

3. Butane Stove and cooking stuff-  making a bonfire is not allowed in the peak, so you better bring butane stove so you could cook your food for the entire stay.

4. jacket – You don’t really want to inconvenient yourself from the low temperature, you need jacket to keep you warm your body. But if you have someone special in your life, tag them along. Nothing beats body warmth. You can cuddle all night long.

5. Bluetooth Speaker – at some point you will find it boring if you wont bring with you a speaker, music trip can be very enjoying when you have nothing else to do. In my case, I brought with me my ever reliable Jam Plus Bluetooth Speaker,  everywhere I go I have it with me and it never failed me since. Bought it at Amazon.

6. Power Bank – You wouldn’t want a battery drained cellular phone, it keeps you connected to the outside world and in case of emergency you can just contact your families and friends back home. You could also charge your bluetooth speaker when it runs out of battery.

7. Camera – yeah sure, point and shoot camera will suffice, but if you do have a DSLR might as well bring it too so you could really capture the Sunset at its best. But if you have a Gopro, that’d be great, it will capture the breath-taking view in a wide lens, it would be awesome.
For your Gopro SD card, you can checkout  Sandisk Extreme Pro micro SD card.

8. Water (Lots of them) – It’s best you bring your own water. 1 liter bottled water is enough unless you’ll stay in the peak for 2 days or so. And bring extra water so you could boil some water for coffee or tea.

9. Canned goods, noodles, bread – when you’re on a camping trip it is very necessary to only bring food that can be easily be opened and cooked,  tray of egg will also come in handy.

10. Liquor – Yeah you read it right!!! There’s no better way to warm your chilling body than to drink liquor with your friends. (Moderately, though), with good old talks, jokes and stories, surely your evening will be memorable. Playing cards, would be great if you were able to bring those Power bank generated LED light bulbs. In our case, we hadn’t brought one so we ended up chatting the entire evening. (Till dawn).

11. Dry Bag – In case the weather won’t be on your favor and suddenly it will rain on you. It is best you bring something waterproof like my Outdoor Research Ultralight Dry Sack to put your gadgets; cellphones, Jam Plus Bluetooth Speaker, wallet, along with my other important things. Bought it at Amazon.

Now be a good person and prepare these stuff the next time you climb Osmeña Peak.  

On our way to the foot of the mountain..
On our way to the foot of the mountain..
We literally had to pass through a road near a cliff
We literally had to pass through a road near a cliff
That's the peak with all its picturesque beauty😍😍
That’s the peak with all its picturesque beauty😍😍
Hello Osmena peak!! We meet again!
Hello Osmena peak!! We meet again!
Three tents at the bottom part, that's our camp! Over looking the shores of Badian and Badian Island
Three tents at the bottom part, that’s our camp! Over looking the shores of Badian and Badian Island
And then there's the breath-taking sunset😃
And then there’s the breath-taking sunset😃
As expected cold cold night even our jackets weren't enough to keep us warm 😱😱😱
As expected cold cold night even our jackets weren’t enough to keep us warm 😱😱😱
This is the view from our campsite, picture perfect😍😍
This is the view from our campsite, picture perfect😍😍
Getting ready to descend to Mantalongon
Getting ready to descend to Mantalongon
Final moment at the campsite, just before we started our trek down to Mantalongon (moment captured)😊
Final moment at the campsite, just before we started our trek down to Mantalongon (moment captured)😊
Now there's me struggling to climb that rock with my tent and bag at my back, feet shaking as I capture my selfie shot😉😉
Now there’s me struggling to climb that rock with my tent and bag at my back, feet shaking as I capture my selfie shot😉😉
Downhill trek to Mantalongon market, selfie shot with the " Social Climbers"😁
Downhill trek to Mantalongon market, selfie shot with the ” Social Climbers”😁
The trek was exhausting, but the view was great! Nature at its best, we don't see these in the city
The trek was exhausting, but the view was great! Nature at its best, we don’t see these in the city
finally, after over an hour of trekking from Osmena Peak (feet numbed, back hurts) ; we finally arrived in Mantalongon Market, from there we hailed a motorcycle to Dalaguete proper and went straight to the beach. Good thing I also packed my Seavenger Adult Diving Dry Top Snorkel Set, I was able to snorkel while we were at the beach.

Lets jump to itinerary, although this is a very short and simple trip, having an itinerary can even more make it simpler. (Check out our itinerary below):

Saturday (March 7, 2015)

12:00 NN – Meet up at Cebu South Bus  Terminal

1:00 PM – Departure from the terminal 4:00 PM – Arrival at Poblacion, Dalaguete

4:05 PM – Departure on a Public Utility Motorcycle (Habal-habal)

4:35 PM – Arrival in the foot of Osmeña Peak

5:15 PM – Arrival in the Osmeña Peak camping site (Put up camping tents) 5:20 PM – Ascend to the peak ( in time for the sunset)

5:25 PM – pictorial, appreciating the view, capturing the moments

6:00 PM – Descend back to the camp site, Prepared food for dinner

7:00 PM – Dinner time

8:00 PM – Music trip, bonding, more shenanigans

12:00 AM – It’s a wrap!


Sunday (March 8, 2015)

4:00 AM – Wake up time, Coffee time (the other campers woke up at around 2am)

5:00 AM – Ascend to Osmeña Peak, appreciating the foggy Sunday morning, more pictorial

6:00 AM – Break fast, pictorial, camp out

9:30 AM –  Descend from Osmeña Peak, trek to Mantalongon Market

10:30 AM – Departure from Mantalongon Market on a utility Motorcycle (habal-habal)

11:00 AM – Arrival in Dalaguete Proper 

The trip was very cheap and I know for a fact that the experience was more than worthy of the budget we allocated. We were a group of 7 pax : 3 boys & 4 girls

Budget for the trip:

Bus fare  – Php105.00 (Cebu South Bus Terminal to Dalaguete proper)

Motor fare – Php100.00 (Dalaguete proper to Foot of the mountain, via habal-habal)

potluck  – Php100.00(food and water)

Motor fare – Php50.00 (Mantalongon Market to Dalaguete proper)

Bus Fare – Php105.00 (Dalaguete proper to Cebu South Bus Terminal) 

You can either wait for the hourly bus to pass or you can side a trip to the nearest beach. In our case, we headed straight to the Dalaguete Beach Park and enjoyed the rest of our weekend trip at the beach.  

It was a fun filled experience, and yeah we were all exhausted even before the day ended due to our trekking. But it was all worth it, in fact it was more than what we expected. It was a budget-friendly trip, the best way to welcome my 2015 summer. Shout-out to my friends: Yasmin Michelle (Yami), Hanny Lyn, Cecile, Ramil (moy-moy), Ian, Frandee, and of course to sir Nat for the effort😁😁

It doesn’t really matter how far or how popular the places that you’ve been to, what’s more important are the memories you shared with the people you’re with.

Osmeña Peak : A Social Climb For a Weekend Trip, It’s a wrap! #03782015

Shout-out to my friends & travel buddies:
Ramil Navarro
Hanny Larot
Cecille Hernando
Yasmin Michelle
Ian Paul Razo
Frande Von

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Camotes With Love : White Sand Paradise in the Southern Philippines

Created a new YouTube channel for my travel videos – Girls On Global Adventures , Check it out! I post new videos weekly. I am currently traveling through Southeast Asia.

Camotes Island is a group of islands in the Camotes Sea, Philippines. The island group is located east of Cebu Island, southwest of Leyte Island, and north of Bohol Island. It is 34 nautical miles (63 km; 39 mi) from Cebu City and is part of the province of Cebu. Sometimes known as the “Lost Horizon of the south”, within recent years Camotes has seen increased visitors and tourism and a growing expatriate community. Apart from natural attractions on land, there is also a score of dive sites around the islands.
Also in the Camotes Islands you can find tourist spots such as Buho Rock, Greenlake Park, Mt. Calvary (Kalbaryo), Lake Danao and the vast mangrove swamp along the sides of the road from Pacijan (San Francisco) to Poro. There are many underground caves such as Bukilat Cave, Timubo Cave and Guadalupe Cave which has a fresh water underground lake. There are also two waterfalls, one in Poro and one in Tudela. There is diving and snorkeling opportunities at some of the resorts.  Camotes Resorts List click link for list.

You can check out Lonely Planet (Philippines) for guides and suggestion on how to go to Camotes Island.


April of 2013 was when I had the chance to visit Camotes Island together with my two closest friends in the world ; Yami and Nikki. We took a leave from our jobs just so we can celebrate Yami’s 24th birthday and share the moment with her. Let me take you down to memory lane, and reminisce the memories in Camotes With Love : White Sand Paradise In The Southern Philippines.


A surprise for a close friend
Midnight of the 12th of April 2013 (Friday) Nikki and I were on our way to surprise Yami after her evening shift at a hospital where she worked as a nurse. We brought her a cute little cake together with our gifts and party balloons, she was indeed surprised. I am pretty sure that was one of her most memorable birthday celebration ever. Although we just stayed at a local pizza house and just ordered pizza, it really didn’t matter that time – we were caught up with the occasion. We waited for our other friend Mariane and then we just ate pizza right after. It was around 1am when we decided to part ways with Mariane, Nikki and Yami are staying at my place we still need to travel to Camotes Island  that dawn.

The dawn of the gateway
As expected we woke up late, we were supposed to wake up 3am so we can take the first bus trip to Danao City but we woke up at 4am. We were all cramming, worried we might get left by the barge to Camotes Island . We arrived in the bus terminal around 5am, we took the first bus available even though it was the ordinary one. The bus ride was about an hour and twenty five minutes by the time we arrived in the port, the barge that we supposed to get into already left (bugger). The next trip was not until 8am, we were disappointed, famished, and very sleepy. Nice way to start our getaway – Frustrated.
Finally, at around quarter to 8, we were asked to board in the barge, two and half hour after we were to dock at Camotes port.


It’s Camotes Island  Baby – Beach Getaway
Upon arrival we were all ecstatic and excited for our beach getaway,we completely buried our previous frustrations. Our stay was kind of limited since we only get one day to enjoy the island. We have to be back to the city a day after, Yami got to work while me and Nikki will hang out for the entire weekend. And so we hired 2 sets of motorcycle and went directly to the resort where I reserved a deluxe room at Agoda (Global) for us, at the Santiago Bay Garden & Resort
The motor ride was about twenty minutes, we couldn’t contain our excitement in the extent that we keep on talking about our plan for the entire trip. And that’s a very short trip. Upon arrival we went straight to the receptionist, they were bit busy a group of Koreans were trying to check in to their respective rooms as well and it took a lot of time due to communication struggle. But finally after 15 minutes or so we were able to get our key and was assigned to a room over-looking the sea and it was breath-taking!


It was a view worth appreciating for. I think what’s refreshing about it was that we don’t usually get to see the blue sky, the sea and the sun all together. We were all trap in a concrete jungle around the city, used to seeing the buildings and the litters all over it. That view was truly a breath of fresh air. Then we settled in our room and decided to take some time off to rest.


After taking our much-needed rest, we headed to the beach and savored the moment, that was a perfect getaway to get into. It was Friday, the sun was on its peak, I am with the best people, not to mention it was Yami’s birthday. I must admit though, anywhere we go as long as I’m with these people, it will always be a perfect getaway.


After spending our entire afternoon at the beach, by the time we went back to our hotel room we were all worn out, dead tired. With our sun-kissed skin, we then get ready to go outside and look for a cheaper place to eat. We figured foods at the hotel cost more, and we were up for some barbecue by the beach. What I like most about that gate-away was that I was with the people I am most comfortable being with. With them I can be myself, no pretensions. It was 9pm when we finished eating, by then we already finished 3 bottles of beer. We were a bit drunk, but still sober. We even went to the pool right after to dip our stressed muscles into the soothing warm water.


Our night was far from getting over, and we intended to enjoy every bit of second we spend in that island. So we open the bottle of tequila we bought at the main-land, sliced some lemon, and a grab some potato chips. We were good to go! We just talked and bonded the entire time, talked about life, experiences. It was a helluva birthday celebration we had in Camotes. The next day, the hangover was excruciating, but we had to move our asses, ate our breakfast at Santiago Bay Garden & Resort, and before noon we were already on our way back to the port. And then back to reality.

Visit Lonely Planet (Philippines) for more suggestions on where to visit for your coming vacation.

April 12, 2013 : a moment to remember!