Kalanggaman Island : Travel Guide to Spectacular Island of Palompon, Leyte

This is Palompon’s paradise.  Kalanggaman is considered the most beautiful beach  the province of Leyte has to offer.  The postcard-perfect virgin island with its powder white sand, clear waters, and cool breeze is certainly a virtual place very close to heaven. What makes this island unique from others is its long sandbars that are stretchingContinue reading “Kalanggaman Island : Travel Guide to Spectacular Island of Palompon, Leyte”

Tan-awan Cangcuaay Beach, Oslob – A Travel Guide to a Summer Getaway

Cangcua-ay is part of Taw-awan, Oslob. Yes, you read it right aside from the very famous Whale Shark watching, Tan-awan, Oslob has something more to offer. A perfect getaway from your hustle and bustle city life! Tan-awan Cangcuaay Beach – Modern Villa Deluxe; Guide to a relaxing summer getaway! Traveling during pandemic??? No worries, SAFETYWING INSURANCE coversContinue reading “Tan-awan Cangcuaay Beach, Oslob – A Travel Guide to a Summer Getaway”

Going Solo in Dumaguete City : Featuring My Wanderlust Self

Day 1 – April 2, 2015 (Thursday) During the Lenten break, I had a little trip to Negros for a series of adventure in several parts of the island. But the main reason for my travel though, was to visit Apo Island. I had plenty of slack time during the first day which gave me enough timeContinue reading “Going Solo in Dumaguete City : Featuring My Wanderlust Self”

Unexpected Road Trip : Grandeur Beach – Lambug, Badian

Summer time it is! And there’s no better way to enjoy the summer than spending it under the sun by the beach. Early Sunday morning, I was awaken by a consecutive honking right outside our house. I was delighted to see my two cousins in their pick-up, Our itinerary for the day road trip and beachContinue reading “Unexpected Road Trip : Grandeur Beach – Lambug, Badian”

At The Beach Is Where I’m The Happiest

Whenever I’m at the beach like when I was in Camotes Island, I always feel at peace. I can think of three reasons why, but I guess it wouldn’t even satisfy why I love it there. First : There is something in the way the wind touches my skin – The fresh air with a touchContinue reading “At The Beach Is Where I’m The Happiest”