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My first land border crossing from Costa Rica to Nicaragua wasn’t fun at all, if anything it was a sh*tshow!

We started our travel from Santa Ana, Costa Rica, woke up 4am to get a 4:30am Uber to TICA BUS. Got there too early so they put us to the 5am bus instead of the 6am booking that we had. That was a blessing!

7hours into the trip we finally reached the Costa Rica border – no problem there, went by smoothly. (Not to mention the long queue and with only one immigration they have).

Few meters away, we reached the Nicaraguan border. This was where the shi*tshow started.

First they checked our PCR test result, no problem with that. Then the dreaded immigration. Of course being a PH passport holder I always have issues entering other countries.

For Nicaragua I need a visa on arrival, paid 50 USD to process for it. Took an hour for them to finish. At this point I’m already very anxious, what if they won’t give me the visa and the fact that all the other people from our bus already passed the border wasn’t helping. Few more minutes and finally they stamped my passport. Phew! Relieved!

Now I’m up for another obstacle- Customs. Prior to traveling, we researched about Nicaragua and found out that drones are illegal in the country and that’s a problem because we have one. Base on our research they would confiscate drones and more other than not, owners were not able to get it back even after paying storage fee when they travel out of Nicaragua.


So day before our trip, what I did was disassembled the drone detached the propellers and scattered the accessories all over my luggage hoping for them to not spot it and I can get through custom smoothly. It turned out to be a very bad idea. I had to open all my luggage take out all the accessories and they took the drone either way.

Ay this point I’m sweating rocks, worried about our bus to Managua, all the passengers must be so pissed at me for delaying them (2 hours had passed since we got to the border), and the drone being confiscated.

What happened next was totally unexpected, Customs people gave us a paper, said we had to go to the annex building and had to get the paper signed. One local started helping us, went to the annex building with Linsey, had the paper signed and lo and behold they handed the drone back to us.

The local person even helped carry our luggages as we ran to the Tica Bus, we thanked him immensely and handed him some money. There’s always a  great samaritan wherever we go and we’re always grateful to those people in moments like these.

We’re back on the bus, and it’s apparently the 6am bus that was waiting for us. So at this point I’m totally relived. They didn’t have to wait for us that long at least.

At the end of the day I am grateful for going to the bus station as early as we did, that enabled us to get the 5am bus. It gave us 1 extra hour to cover for the 2 hours delay on my visa processing. Grateful for the immigration officer  for being so patient and for trying so hard to understand us despite language barrier. Grateful for the good Samaritan that helped us with our drone snafu. And for the TICABUS for being such a great company. And for Linsey who’s been really patient and collected during the entire delay.

My first land border crossing was a complete sh*tshow and definitely a memorable one. It’s a great story to tell in the future.  Bus started rolling 5:20am we arrived in Managua 7:13pm. It was a helluva journey for sure.


This is my COVID19 story

Going home to the Philippines during COVID 19. When the CDC increased the threat level for the Corona Virus to level 4 we had to make a decision. Do we continue to travel as planned or cancel everything and head home to our respective home country. We had a total of 4 international travels pre-booked, hotel reservations and scheduled activities. Countries are getting stricter on their international inbound travels and some of the places on our itinerary is closed down as well. We were torn but we had to make a decision fast, keeping in mind that if we choose to stay we will be traveling around with a huge risk of getting the virus and without travel insurance. As CDC issued the advisory it impacted the international medical insurance policies that we had. As it is level 4 worldwide, our travel medical insurance will not cover any cost related to COVID19.

March 15 we decided to call our travel insurance and arranged for an emergency evacuation flight to our respective home country, USA and the Philippines. SafetyWing, our travel insurance was very exceptional on their response and efficiency. Few hours after the call they provided us with the soonest flight options. And on March 17 I bid goodbye to Linsey in Siem Reap, Cambodia while her flight to the US was the day after. That marked the end of our Southeast Asia adventure, and we faced an uncertain future. Here’s a video on my journey home to Lowac, Argao during #COVID19. I didn’t finished my daily vlog as I did the same thing over and over again whilst doing the 14 day quarantine. 🤣😅😂 #GirlsOnGlobalAdventures #GoGA #Brazil #COVID19

Traveling during pandemic??? No worries, SAFETYWING INSURANCE covers people from all over the world, while outside their home country – COVID-19 coverage included. SIGN UP NOW!!!

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Cabilao Island Adventure – First Of Summer 2017

Created a new YouTube channel for my travel videos – Girls On Global Adventures , Check it out! I post new videos weekly. I am currently traveling through Southeast Asia.

One of the most popular island of Bohol is Cabilao Island, It is located in the western portion of the main island and along Cebu Strait. It is one of the smaller Philippine Islands, and approximately 8 square kilometers where a peaceful community lives. What is more facinitating about this island is actually lies beneath it. It is famous for its marine sanctuary, with its steep wall of coral reefs that has been a habitat for several marine species. 

Couple of friends and I embarked to yet again another summer escapade to this amazing island, and by that I meant; a day in the sea, crystal clear water, unlimited sun bathing and of course close contact with fishes and some other sea creature.

Can’t take my eyes off the view
All set for the underworld (disclaimer: this is not mine😪😖😫)

Excited for the amazing adventure ahead of us

check out our Cabilao Island video on instagram, click below ⬇️
Cabilao Island Adventure


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Product Review : Outdoor Research Ultralight Dry Pack

Here I am again to do a product review on the dry bag I purchased from amazon.com I bought it over 6 months ago and I have been using it in every outdoor activity I engaged myself into. Same as before, I will be basing my review  on seven (7)  factors ; appearance, Packaging, Functionality, Durability or Quality, Convenience, Cost, Over-all Rating.

Product Name : Outdoor Research Lightweight Dry Sack
Distributed By : Outdoor Research
Color : Gray
Outdoor Research Ultra Dry Bag

Outdoor Research Lightweight Dry Sack – Same as any other dry sack, it looks sturdy and very appealing to the eyes due to its gray color. The product logo is very visible which makes it more attractive.

It was packed within a 9x2x1 inches box. It was very light and easy to carry. Won’t even cost a lot of space when you put it in your baggage. When I received it from Amazon, it was only inside a yellow envelope.

Functionality (4 Stars)
As what the name suggest, it a very effective. It kept my important things dry when we had an overnight stay in Osmena Peak, you can read my article 
Osmena Peak : A Social Climb For a Weekend Trip,  even when we went to a beach and put all my wet stuff in it. Read my article Unexpected Road Trip : Grandeur Beach – Lambug, Badian. No leaks, you don’t have to worry about your stuff getting  wet.

Durability/ Quality (5 Stars)
Once I abused it and filled it with different stuff, from chips to towels, spare clothes, gadgets and other beach necessities. The handle was great.

Convenience (4 Stars)
It is very easy to use, easy to lock, easy to pack when you’re done using the bag.

Cost (4 Stars)
Cost-wise, I compare it to different brands with the same materials it was way cheaper compare to those. Same functionality but with less price.

Over-all Rating ( 4 Stars)
To wrap it up, I can say it was a good buy. It always serves its purpose. For over 6 months that I’ve been using it, it never failed me. Kept my gadgets and other stuff stay dry, even when it was exposed to water for over an hour.

So what are you waiting for, if you’re an adventurous like me might as well but yourself your own  Outdoor Research Lightweight Dry Sack. You can check out amazon.com for more product listing.

Unexpected Road Trip : Grandeur Beach – Lambug, Badian

Created a new YouTube channel for my travel videos with my fiancée – Girls On Global Adventures , Check it out! I post new videos weekly. I am currently traveling through Southeast Asia.

Summer time it is! And there’s no better way to enjoy the summer than spending it under the sun by the beach. Early Sunday morning, I was awaken by a consecutive honking right outside our house. I was delighted to see my two cousins in their pick-up, Our itinerary for the day road trip and beach life. I didn’t know where exactly but I didn’t give a crap what’s important was that I am in for some awesome road trip!

Destination : Gradeur Beach Resort : a random road with friends.
We started our journey, made a lot of stop-overs to pick-up the rest of our friends, took Badian via Car-car route, did more stop-over to buy our supply, after 2 hours of road trip, we finally arrived in Badian. I must admit though it was very hard to find the beach resort, we had to make more stops to ask some locals for direction.  And found out it’s just few more minutes from Cebu International Golf & Resort (you can check out tripadvisor for details),  we trailed along narrow road for about 15 minutes and finally we arrived at our destination. And on that instant we fell in love.

One of our several stop-overs, Moalboal public market
One of our several stop-overs, Moalboal public market

Gradeur Beach Resort – You probably didn’t know this resort exists (that makes the two of us). Well lets face it, Badian is known for the  famous Kawasan Falls. Who would have thought they still have one more tourist destination to be proud of. One can say that the place still needs developing and all, but  too much commercialism can sometimes destroy the natural beauty of some places. For us the resort was good enough, perhaps we just need the beach, the cool blue water, and the view.

We then settled in the native cottage we rented, and started prepping our food. While the boys started to grill the fish and the pork we bought at the market, us girls started setting up the table.

It's a Boodle Fight kind of eating; this is how you properly set up the table when you're at the beach
It’s a Boodle Fight kind of eating; this is how you properly set up the table when you’reat the beach
Ze topless boys by the beach, and ze girly girls! We're so ready to eat!
Ze topless boys by the beach, and ze girly girls! We’re so ready to eat!
Taking advantage of the tree shade beside our cottage
Taking advantage of the tree shade beside our cottage
Few of the several native cottages along the shore
Few of the several native cottages along the shore
Families enjoying the summer sun
Families enjoying the summer sun
Shore-line of Gradeur Beach Resort with the calm sea
Shore-line of Gradeur Beach Resort with the calm sea
My two cousins and I, posing for the camera
My two cousins and I, posing for the camera
Goofing around, macho-sexy pose
Goofing around, macho-sexy pose
 Our failed attempt for a jump shot :-), super blurry
Our failed attempt for a jump shot :-), super blurry
Picture-perfect sunset, before we bade goodbye to Gradeur Beach Resort
Picture-perfect sunset, before we bade goodbye to Gradeur Beach Resort

For those who like to spend the night at the beach, you can rent a room at Gradeur Beach Resort (info from whereiscebu.com) or at Manang Virgie’s Villa Beach Resort (info from  Philippinetraveler.com)

My abrupt beach getaway indeed was fun, it was very unplanned that I never had any expectation about the place. Surprisingly, it left me speechless. The setting was great, the beach  was lovely, and the sunset was to die for, being with a cool company was just an added bonus.

For more articles about beach houses in Lambug, Badian you can also visit mynomadichabits, theartfularchertriptabaimycebu ph.

Special Shout-out to my friends and travel buddies:
Pretty Megs
Ren ren Tapere
Bordie Pangz
Joshwawa Rubia
Janos Rubia
Woodru Kintanar
Jen Baguio Dysam

At The Beach Is Where I’m The Happiest

Whenever I’m at the beach like when I was in Camotes Island, I always feel at peace. I can think of three reasons why, but I guess it wouldn’t even satisfy why I love it there.

First : There is something in the way the wind touches my skin – The fresh air with a touch of saltness when it touches my lips, it reminds me of the good old days, always reminds of summertime.

Second : There is something in the sound of the waves touching the shore – Somehow, the sound of the waves as it kisses the shore brings calmness in me. It’s as if it brings me to my happy peace, back to my childhood years when everything’s simple. When all I worry about is the time when I’m forced to sleep every afternoon, and every time I have no one to play with.

Third : There is something in the way I see the horizon – Watching that line that connects the ocean and the sky, it gives me a thought of endless possibilities. Imagining how would it feel like to travel to endless destination and reach where the sky touches the sea. But who am I kidding??

Summer is already here and I couldn’t contain my excitement to the unlimited beach-life I’m going to have this time of the year! I can imagine the cheerful laughter of people and giggles of teenager while enjoying the summer sun. Indeed, for me at the beach is where I’m the happiest.

You can check out Lonely Planet (Philippines), for best suggestion on what beaches you should include in your list to visit. And then book your hotel reservations at Agoda Global for faster transaction. Enjoy your beach adventures!

Osmeña Peak : Overnight Camping Trip

Created a new YouTube channel for my travel videos – Girls On Global Adventures , Check it out! I post new videos weekly. I am currently traveling through Southeast Asia.

For a typical employee who works 5 days a week and gets the weekends for herself, it is always fun to be spending you rest day with friends on a weekend trip. So we packed our sleeping bags and camping tents and to Dalaguete we go. Our adventure for the weekend : A Social Climb to Osmeña Peak.

Approximately 1000 meters above sea level, Osmeña Peak is considered the highest peak in the province and island of Cebu. Located in Brgy. Mantalongon, Municipality of Dalaguete. Mantalongon is dubbed to be the Little Baguio of Cebu due to its cold climate and abundance of vegetables that grows in a cold weather.

Panoramic view of Osmeña Peak during sunset

Knowing the right stuff to bring is vital in this kind of escapade, or to any other adventure you are to experience in the future. So here are some details you need to know if you are planning to head to the south and climb Osmeña Peak.

Things to bring : It is a common knowledge that high altitude places tend to be very cold at night, here’s a list of things that you need to bring to make your overnight stay a very comfortable experience .

1. Camping tent – as you are to spend the night in the camping area near the peak, it is expected that you have to have a  camping tent.

2. Sleeping bag – trust me, you need one. It can be very cold during the night, you don’t want to spend the entire night chilling yourself out not able to sleep. Trying to warm yourself.

3. Butane Stove and cooking stuff-  making a bonfire is not allowed in the peak, so you better bring butane stove so you could cook your food for the entire stay.

4. jacket – You don’t really want to inconvenient yourself from the low temperature, you need jacket to keep you warm your body. But if you have someone special in your life, tag them along. Nothing beats body warmth. You can cuddle all night long.

5. Bluetooth Speaker – at some point you will find it boring if you wont bring with you a speaker, music trip can be very enjoying when you have nothing else to do. In my case, I brought with me my ever reliable Jam Plus Bluetooth Speaker,  everywhere I go I have it with me and it never failed me since. Bought it at Amazon.

6. Power Bank – You wouldn’t want a battery drained cellular phone, it keeps you connected to the outside world and in case of emergency you can just contact your families and friends back home. You could also charge your bluetooth speaker when it runs out of battery.

7. Camera – yeah sure, point and shoot camera will suffice, but if you do have a DSLR might as well bring it too so you could really capture the Sunset at its best. But if you have a Gopro, that’d be great, it will capture the breath-taking view in a wide lens, it would be awesome.
For your Gopro SD card, you can checkout  Sandisk Extreme Pro micro SD card.

8. Water (Lots of them) – It’s best you bring your own water. 1 liter bottled water is enough unless you’ll stay in the peak for 2 days or so. And bring extra water so you could boil some water for coffee or tea.

9. Canned goods, noodles, bread – when you’re on a camping trip it is very necessary to only bring food that can be easily be opened and cooked,  tray of egg will also come in handy.

10. Liquor – Yeah you read it right!!! There’s no better way to warm your chilling body than to drink liquor with your friends. (Moderately, though), with good old talks, jokes and stories, surely your evening will be memorable. Playing cards, would be great if you were able to bring those Power bank generated LED light bulbs. In our case, we hadn’t brought one so we ended up chatting the entire evening. (Till dawn).

11. Dry Bag – In case the weather won’t be on your favor and suddenly it will rain on you. It is best you bring something waterproof like my Outdoor Research Ultralight Dry Sack to put your gadgets; cellphones, Jam Plus Bluetooth Speaker, wallet, along with my other important things. Bought it at Amazon.

Now be a good person and prepare these stuff the next time you climb Osmeña Peak.  

On our way to the foot of the mountain..
On our way to the foot of the mountain..
We literally had to pass through a road near a cliff
We literally had to pass through a road near a cliff
That's the peak with all its picturesque beauty😍😍
That’s the peak with all its picturesque beauty😍😍
Hello Osmena peak!! We meet again!
Hello Osmena peak!! We meet again!
Three tents at the bottom part, that's our camp! Over looking the shores of Badian and Badian Island
Three tents at the bottom part, that’s our camp! Over looking the shores of Badian and Badian Island
And then there's the breath-taking sunset😃
And then there’s the breath-taking sunset😃
As expected cold cold night even our jackets weren't enough to keep us warm 😱😱😱
As expected cold cold night even our jackets weren’t enough to keep us warm 😱😱😱
This is the view from our campsite, picture perfect😍😍
This is the view from our campsite, picture perfect😍😍
Getting ready to descend to Mantalongon
Getting ready to descend to Mantalongon
Final moment at the campsite, just before we started our trek down to Mantalongon (moment captured)😊
Final moment at the campsite, just before we started our trek down to Mantalongon (moment captured)😊
Now there's me struggling to climb that rock with my tent and bag at my back, feet shaking as I capture my selfie shot😉😉
Now there’s me struggling to climb that rock with my tent and bag at my back, feet shaking as I capture my selfie shot😉😉
Downhill trek to Mantalongon market, selfie shot with the " Social Climbers"😁
Downhill trek to Mantalongon market, selfie shot with the ” Social Climbers”😁
The trek was exhausting, but the view was great! Nature at its best, we don't see these in the city
The trek was exhausting, but the view was great! Nature at its best, we don’t see these in the city
finally, after over an hour of trekking from Osmena Peak (feet numbed, back hurts) ; we finally arrived in Mantalongon Market, from there we hailed a motorcycle to Dalaguete proper and went straight to the beach. Good thing I also packed my Seavenger Adult Diving Dry Top Snorkel Set, I was able to snorkel while we were at the beach.

Lets jump to itinerary, although this is a very short and simple trip, having an itinerary can even more make it simpler. (Check out our itinerary below):

Saturday (March 7, 2015)

12:00 NN – Meet up at Cebu South Bus  Terminal

1:00 PM – Departure from the terminal 4:00 PM – Arrival at Poblacion, Dalaguete

4:05 PM – Departure on a Public Utility Motorcycle (Habal-habal)

4:35 PM – Arrival in the foot of Osmeña Peak

5:15 PM – Arrival in the Osmeña Peak camping site (Put up camping tents) 5:20 PM – Ascend to the peak ( in time for the sunset)

5:25 PM – pictorial, appreciating the view, capturing the moments

6:00 PM – Descend back to the camp site, Prepared food for dinner

7:00 PM – Dinner time

8:00 PM – Music trip, bonding, more shenanigans

12:00 AM – It’s a wrap!


Sunday (March 8, 2015)

4:00 AM – Wake up time, Coffee time (the other campers woke up at around 2am)

5:00 AM – Ascend to Osmeña Peak, appreciating the foggy Sunday morning, more pictorial

6:00 AM – Break fast, pictorial, camp out

9:30 AM –  Descend from Osmeña Peak, trek to Mantalongon Market

10:30 AM – Departure from Mantalongon Market on a utility Motorcycle (habal-habal)

11:00 AM – Arrival in Dalaguete Proper 

The trip was very cheap and I know for a fact that the experience was more than worthy of the budget we allocated. We were a group of 7 pax : 3 boys & 4 girls

Budget for the trip:

Bus fare  – Php105.00 (Cebu South Bus Terminal to Dalaguete proper)

Motor fare – Php100.00 (Dalaguete proper to Foot of the mountain, via habal-habal)

potluck  – Php100.00(food and water)

Motor fare – Php50.00 (Mantalongon Market to Dalaguete proper)

Bus Fare – Php105.00 (Dalaguete proper to Cebu South Bus Terminal) 

You can either wait for the hourly bus to pass or you can side a trip to the nearest beach. In our case, we headed straight to the Dalaguete Beach Park and enjoyed the rest of our weekend trip at the beach.  

It was a fun filled experience, and yeah we were all exhausted even before the day ended due to our trekking. But it was all worth it, in fact it was more than what we expected. It was a budget-friendly trip, the best way to welcome my 2015 summer. Shout-out to my friends: Yasmin Michelle (Yami), Hanny Lyn, Cecile, Ramil (moy-moy), Ian, Frandee, and of course to sir Nat for the effort😁😁

It doesn’t really matter how far or how popular the places that you’ve been to, what’s more important are the memories you shared with the people you’re with.

Osmeña Peak : A Social Climb For a Weekend Trip, It’s a wrap! #03782015

Shout-out to my friends & travel buddies:
Ramil Navarro
Hanny Larot
Cecille Hernando
Yasmin Michelle
Ian Paul Razo
Frande Von

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Year 2015 : Please Be Good To Me

I’m not much of a New Year’s Resolution type of person, but I do believe that New Year brings us opportunity to start anew, a chance to do what we failed to do from our last year’s list, a new beginning, and a greater opportunity for greater achievements. And so for this year I will make a change and make a list of what I should have done years ago. This will become an outline of what my year 2015 is going to be.

1. Eat More Healthy Foods – As much as possible, I will try to eat one healthy meal per day and be conscious of my daily food intake. I have noticed for the past years that I have become chubbier each year and each year I am anxious to look at myself in the mirror and see a completely different person than I once was during college days. Thin, sturdy and healthy person.

2. Be More Fit – I will regularize my exercise habits. Jog more often, stretch some muscles, and play more lawn Tennis. I should engaged into a sport where I can sweat more and burn more calories. I aim to restore the body I used to have back when I was very active to full contact sports and lawn tennis. I missed my abs, my biceps, and my sturdy body.

3. Be more time conscious – Time is money; a second loss, is a loss of money. Be more time conscious and be early on scheduled meetings and get together. Anticipate traffic and allocate extra time for travelling. Time is the most precious gift you can give to someone.

4. Travel More Often – Yes it is a fact that traveling costs a lot of money, and unless you are earning more than what you need you can travel as much as you want. But for me, being an average person earning an average monthly paycheck travelling is big a deal for me. I believe that travelling is a very essential part of living, It is what lets you experience and learned things that not taught in the four corner of the classroom. It teaches you to be wise, it enables you to do the things you never done before and it opens your eyes to endless possibilities. I resolve to continue what I started two years ago, Travelling to places I never been to before and exploring my country. Travelling aboard is on my list too, But I guess it would have to wait. I haven’t been able to travel half of the island of the Philippines, I still have a long way to travel.

5. Less Coffee, More Green Tea – In connection to being more fit, as much as possible I will decrease my caffeine in take and be more fond of drinking tea instead. Although they both have good benefits, according to the articles I read. But I would prefer tea over coffee for some personal reasons, and as per articles tea have more benefits that relates to being more fit and healthy. Since being more fit and healthy are the top two in my list, it is just right to choose tea.

6. Quit Smoking – last year I was almost successful on quitting smoking, for almost three months I survived not lighting a single-stick of cigarette then some circumstances revealed itself, and I got tempted to have a puff, one more puff, some more puff, and more, that’s when I got back to square one. Although I am not a chain smoker, I’m not even a daily smoker. But when I smoke specially when I’m hanging out with friends I tend to smoke a lot. Like “a lot” a lot. And so for this year, I will try my best to really lessen, if I can’t stop my smoking habit. But it would be very fulfilling if I can totally stop smoking, though.

7. Drink Less Alcoholic Beverages – you know I’d like to put “stop drinking alcoholic beverages” but who Am I kidding. I’m being realistic here, you can’t stop things like that. There are lots of reasons why we should drink every now and then, evidently it defeats the idea of stop drinking. It is a very good way of socializing, closing deals, meeting new acquaintances, drowning your sorrows and problems, most importantly I think when you get drunk, like wasted drunk – it brings out the honestly in you, like you can cry your heart out. And you really don’t care coz you’re having a good time and nobody can take that away from. Yes there’s a lot of cons to that, but there’s no harm in getting wasted once in a while. Hence, my 7th resolution, drink less.

8. Save More, Spend Less – Last year was rather a low year for me, in terms of savings. I had a lot of unwise spending and impulsive purchases, although it was all worth it I guess I could have been more wise and bought things that are more valuable. But enough of the “what could have & What If’s”, and so for 2015 and the years to come. I aim to be more wise in spending and purchasing things. To weigh the pros and cons of each purchase, and to really decide if I really need it, or is it just for luxury. This is in connection to my fourth resolution, in order for me to travel more I should have enough savings and budget to do so.

9. Be More Loving & Caring – I aim to be more loving, Caring, understanding, patient, giving, and to be always full of positive vibes to share.

10. Be More Generous – The best feeling of happiness is when you’re happy because you’ve made somebody else happy. Nothing really beats the feeling of happiness you feel when ever you reach out and help someone. This year and to the years to come, I aim to help more people; give food to those who are hungry, clothes to those who have nothing to wear, or even the simplest act of kindness can go along way. Just because I don’t have much, doesn’t mean I cannot help others in my own little way. I know I have touched some lives, and the feeling of fulfillment will forever linger.

11. To Show Appreciation To The People Who Loves Me – One of the things that I will change this year is to be more appreciative of the people who surrounds and love me. To show them that I am aware that they exists and I am very grateful to be able to spend some time with them and share some memories together. I will be more transparent and tell them once in a while that I love them and that I care for them. I may not be very vocal and sometimes can get so insensitive and thoughtless, but I can be very emotional at times. I wish I can put into one single word and tell it to them, how happy I am for being a part of there lives, and them to mine.

12. Have More Love, Faith & Hope – To be more faithful to our creator, to be forever thankful for the things that I have, the people that I’m with, for all the opportunities, the second chances, all the blessings, the challenges and hardships, for all the things that He made possible. For giving me another year to live and always believing in my potential. To Him that in spite of all my wrong doings, failures and sins; have always been there for me. Silently looking out for me and guiding me to the right path. To God almighty, who makes all things possible.

Photo credits to:
The Bucket List Life