That Camping Trip That Started A Real Friendship

One fine Saturday night, when the sky so clear and the moon so bright.
With a bottle in one hand and mouth full of chips, I sat there on the sand as I reached on the warmth of the bonfire.

I just sat there in utter silence, just feeling the moment.
I closed my eyes and heard the waves from the shore, the distant barking of dogs, some reggae music playing from afar, and tree leaves while the wind swayed its branches.

I took a deep breath, held it for a bit; released it harshly and told myself, “This is a great Life, this kind of experience is one of those moments that should be remembered. When difficulties arise, this will be one of my happy thoughts”.

And then I opened my eyes, patted myself on the shoulder saying, “enough drama time for some interaction”. I stood up, gave one last glance to where I seated and smiled. “That right there is a moment to remember”.Went back to my friend waiting for yet again another drinking sesh. Indeed, a night to remember.


Reading through what I previously posted I realised I’ve come a long way from that cozy night by the beach with my good friend. I remember staying up until the dawn just talking about life. One of the longest and the most memorable night of my life. An awesome moment with a guy that now call a real friend.

Published by Novaresa

A humble Filipina chasing her dream of traveling the world. Follow me as I continue my journey.

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