Certified Openwater Diver – Achievement Unlocked 

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Feeling cool underwater

Finally! I was able to ticked scuba diving off my bucket list, and I loved every single minute of it. I loved it so much that I decided to work on being certified as an open water scuba diver (work in progress).

And so in the next couple of weeks (or months) depending on my availability, I will be doing a series of diving sessions and I can’t hide my excitement 😜. Ticking off scuba  diving is one thing, but getting certified is just a whole lot more.

I felt so close with nature

I’m finally done with all my scuba diving sessions and now I can proudly say I am a licensed scuba diver, it was a pretty fast process but every minute of it is very memorable. After six scuba diving sessions, I was able to cover all the necessary lessons and skills needed to get certified. I do admit though that I still need constant diving sessions for me to be able to really be comfortable being in the underwater world and pretty excited for the next coming scuba diving the in future.

Island living – being born in Cebu is surprisingly a very big advantage for me at this point, nearest diving spot is just an hour away and recently it had became one of my favorite hangout place. I am becoming more and more in love with scuba diving and now I am embracing the fact that I am in the truest meaning, an island girl.

Check out my first scuba dive on Kontiki Dive Resort with Gypsea Dive Shop. Click below ⬇️
1st dive in Kontiki Dive Resort

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9 thoughts on “Certified Openwater Diver – Achievement Unlocked 

    1. There is no reason for you to be afraid really. Even when you dont know how to swim, you dont really have to know how to swim to be able to enjoy scuba diving in the first place. Conquer your fear, get out of your comfort zone thats the only way you can enjoy life to the fullest.

    2. Yas!! Its such a shame if you limit yourself to stuff. You should always be fearless and daring, #YOLO i believe in that. You guys from Cebu?

    3. Yes, we are. 🙂

      And it’d be more shame knowing we’re from Cebu. Like, hello…wonderful beaches around, diving spots around.. Hahah 🙂 #YOLO

      This would surely be added in my bucket list this year.

    4. Shoot me a message sa fb. Ill reply when I can. Tabangan tikaq ug convince sa imobg self.. no need to be afraid jud like seriously. Add me on facebook or something. Nova montejo

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