I Left My Heart In Panglao

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Just another one of those trips I do during rest days, only its not really ordinary because this time it involved a certain somebody whose name I wont mention in this entire article. So I don’t normally do unplanned trips, don’t even do the famous destination cause of the fact that well, there will be definitely a lot of tourist. But this trip is a special one, and yes I am breaking mostly all my travel rules for this, but who cares really? Surely not me.

So as per usual, there I was on a Sunday morning rushing to prepare my things up, didn’t even have any list of stuff to bring just put anything that I can get my hands on into my backpack. couple of clothes, necessities, speaker, notepad. Arggh this kinda is frustrating I really don’t know on what to expect. Truly not my usual trip. No plan. No place to stay. Basically, plain nothing. One thing is for sure, this trip gonna push through no matter what.

So mid morning I am done with everything, took my backpack and off I go. I tried to act so composed as I get on a cab and to the port I am heading. This probably is not my day, didn’t really have any idea on what time ferries depart from the port or to which part of Bohol is the most economical way to go. So I got there, bought ticket for the next ferry that departs to Tubigon port but its not until 1:15pm ( have to wait 2 hours, how shitty that is).

Finally after anxiously sitting inside the port for 2 hours, my trip was being called and it’d be roughly 1 hour 30 minutes to get to Tubigon and from there I had to get on a van to get me to Tagbilaran City where my friend is going to pick me up. That’s a total of 2 hours 30 minutes travel time (just great). And yeah, got there safely now in a cafe sipping on my coffee trying to book a room to this place where my friend is also renting, lucky found some really good deal on Booking.com, the price was okay and it was really last minute booking , I need to have a place to stay. Not to mention it is where she is staying so it was just perfect.

There goes my friend, picking me up yay! finally, someone to cheer me up. Minutes later I am driving the bike, my friend with some awesome navigating skills riding at my back. Trying to find our way to back Panglao which is apparently 30 minutes ride. Wind touching my skin on an early Sunday evening bike ride in Bohol, running on 70Kph I thought to myself ( this is going to be an epic adventure). The ride was pretty far, but couldn’t complain though it was fun. I checked in, got the keys settled in my room this is going to be a really memorable one! it has to be. It needs to be.

To be continued…

So after 4 days,4 nights stay in Panglao I am definitely sure of one thing. It was a life changing trip. I didn’t see it coming, it was both crazy good and crazy bad. If could change anything would definitely change the crazy bad, I’m not the type of person who regrets anything but this one’s different. And if I can turn back the hands of time, I would rather not experience this as long as everything is back to normal. I rather not done any of if, only because as much as I love the high that it gave me, its nothing compares to the guilt, to the frustration, to the anger, to all other negative feelings I am having right now all rolled into one.

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