Sinulog 2019: You’re An Epic One

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Wrapping up my 2019 Sinulog experience and yes, it was by far the most epic Sinulog ever. Mostly it got to do with all the partying but there’s more to it than that.

                                                  Trying to fit as many faces as possible

January 19, 2019, Saturday (7:30am): Couchsurfing Cebu Boat Party – Escaped the city as phone signals were cut off for security purposes. It was the day of the solemn procession. So there I was in a bus full of couch surfers roughly 45 individuals all excited for the day ahead. Travelling toCordova port to get into a boat that will then anchor in the waters of Cebu. Oops! A little hiccup our boats were unfortunately held up because of the fluvial parade. But it was fine, we were too excited to even care and we had the entire day ahead of us. Finally boats arrived and soon enough we were settled in our corresponding boats. Munchies and booze ready, so as our liver.

Couchsurfing Cebu friends

Approximately 45 minutes after, we were anchored near a sanctuary. Few people braved the cold water, some opted to stay dry and started drinking. Time runs so fast when you’re having fun #TrueStory, next thing we know we were travelling back to the port. Well, that’s after face painting, tons of picture taking, bottles emptied, foods ran out, and people trembling from being cold. It was safe to say people had some fun, too much fun as some lost their shoes and was confuse why it was still sunny (it was still 4PM). One hour after I was back in my bed ready to take a nap, as we planned on going to Mad Monkey Hostel for the after party. But what suppose to be a quick nap turned into a full bloom sleep, woke up at 11pm very hungry. I didn’t realize I was that exhausted.

                                           A quick snap before everything went blurry

January 20, 2019, Sunday (9:00am)
Sinulog proper – there I was in the streets of Ayala trying to reach to our meeting place with other couchsurfers. Main streets were already close and had to walk towards the agreed location. As expected, thousands of people were already in the streets, plenty of vendors; selling head dresses, whistles, face painting, hair painting, balloons, and food. The struggle in finding the people we suppose to be with was real, but we found them eventually after less than an hour. But it didn’t end there, the real ordeal was crossing the main road, where the performers are dancing. Not to mention the people that’s too insensitive to even move when asked politely. But things went perfectly well, as I noticed that the army guarding the rope stopping the people from getting inside the main street was my friend (it pays to be friendly). So there I was crossing the main street and head to where our other friends at.

Hey Fellas Hostel
After meeting with our friend we headed to Hey Fellas Hostel , I was under the impression that familiar faces will be at the hostel. Apparently, it was a private party for the guest staying at the hostel, but hey it’s Sinulog everybody is invited. So as early as 10am, I was able to crashed a party, made new friends, asked to stay for lunch, started drinking while waiting for food to be served, and captured lots of photos. Another hiccup, it rained. But the rain can’t stop our party-lover selves from partying. Soon enough we headed to where the street party was. I was all dressed up for the occasion, tattered Sinulog shirt, head dress, face paint, tipsy but not drunk self. We passed through thousands of people and then we decided to get off the main road in search for drinks.

As expected it was quite difficult to look for a store that sells liquor as it was banned and theres no party unless theres liquor. So we walked further until we reached Hey Joe, as it was already far enough from the main street they were allowed to sell liquor and viola!!! party begun! People from the Happy Boat 5 (another party boat from day before) were also there drinking making it more fun! Then we proceeded to walking along the streets at this point armed with paints, a water bottle refilled with liquor. The party continues.

To summarized, There were a lot of free hugs given, we were shouting “free-the-tits” most of the time, wiped paint to random people’s faces, took a pictures of Cebu’s haunted house, crashed a garage karaoke session, crashed multiple street parties, got sprayed on with water, sipped someone else’s drinks, stole somebody else’s bottle of liquor, and millions of pictures taken. Needless to say, we had a blast.  Then we got hungry and headed back to Hey Fellas Hostel , had a quick bite and drank some more.

Sinulog’s not over yet as we continued taking millions of pictures, people started falling (very drunk), literally everybody was busy bonding and were having fun. Then we finally bid our goodbyes and had to transfer to a different group. This time we were headed to Hostel Seven Cebu (where our other friends were hanging out). We didn’t stay for long though as the place ran out of beers (no point of staying). Stayed up until the the fireworks were done. Soon enough I was heading home on a motorbike, waving the rainbow flag I got from earlier’s parade.

To sum up everything, needless to say I had an epic day together with random people. That’s always the beauty of being friendly and open minded. You always end up with new experience with people you just meet. And more often than not, it is always memorable.

SINULOG 2019, you were a blast and I hope you won’t be my last.

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