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Product Review : Outdoor Research Ultralight Dry Pack

Here I am again to do a product review on the dry bag I purchased from I bought it over 6 months ago and I have been using it in every outdoor activity I engaged myself into. Same as before, I will be basing my review  on seven (7)  factors ; appearance, Packaging, Functionality, Durability or Quality, Convenience, Cost, Over-all Rating.

Product Name : Outdoor Research Lightweight Dry Sack
Distributed By : Outdoor Research
Color : Gray
Outdoor Research Ultra Dry Bag

Outdoor Research Lightweight Dry Sack – Same as any other dry sack, it looks sturdy and very appealing to the eyes due to its gray color. The product logo is very visible which makes it more attractive.

It was packed within a 9x2x1 inches box. It was very light and easy to carry. Won’t even cost a lot of space when you put it in your baggage. When I received it from Amazon, it was only inside a yellow envelope.

Functionality (4 Stars)
As what the name suggest, it a very effective. It kept my important things dry when we had an overnight stay in Osmena Peak, you can read my article 
Osmena Peak : A Social Climb For a Weekend Trip,  even when we went to a beach and put all my wet stuff in it. Read my article Unexpected Road Trip : Grandeur Beach – Lambug, Badian. No leaks, you don’t have to worry about your stuff getting  wet.

Durability/ Quality (5 Stars)
Once I abused it and filled it with different stuff, from chips to towels, spare clothes, gadgets and other beach necessities. The handle was great.

Convenience (4 Stars)
It is very easy to use, easy to lock, easy to pack when you’re done using the bag.

Cost (4 Stars)
Cost-wise, I compare it to different brands with the same materials it was way cheaper compare to those. Same functionality but with less price.

Over-all Rating ( 4 Stars)
To wrap it up, I can say it was a good buy. It always serves its purpose. For over 6 months that I’ve been using it, it never failed me. Kept my gadgets and other stuff stay dry, even when it was exposed to water for over an hour.

So what are you waiting for, if you’re an adventurous like me might as well but yourself your own  Outdoor Research Lightweight Dry Sack. You can check out for more product listing.

Product Review : Jam Plus Bluetooth Speaker

For a while now I am into buying stuff from Amazon
that I usually use during my travels and adventures, mostly practical items. A traveller’s necessities. Today I am reviewing Jam Plus Bluetooth Speaker,  basing on seven (7)  factors ; appearance, Packaging, Functionality, Durability or Quality, Convenience, Sound, Cost, Over-all Rating.

Product Name: Jam Plus Bluetooth Speaker
Distributed by: HMDX
Model: HX-P240GYA
Color : Gray

Appearance (5 Stars)
Jam Plus comes with various colors,you can choose whichever describe your personality the most. I like the gray color, not so girly and not too manly, it fits right to my personality. It’s cone-shape appearance tells you it’s very sturdy and you can put on top of any plain object or area. The Jam Logo on the top part makes it more appealing to the eyes. Personally, it was a case “love at first sight”.

Packaging (5 Stars)
As its name suggests, the Jam Plus comes with a very pleasing packaging, a see-through jam jar-like pack. With all it’s “nutrients contents”, the top part of the packaging has the patented logo of Bluetooth and the brand logo which is the HMDX.  It is very easy to carry any where, and the packaging is two-thumbs up.

Functionality (5 Stars)
The Jam Plus is very easy to navigate, Even children can navigate this, that’s how simple this speaker is. It has the battery indicator which tells you the life your bluetooth speaker, Red light indicates that it’s charging, blinking red light indicates the Jam Plus battery is close to draining. and the blue light indicates that the Jam Plus is ready to use. It also has the volume buttons (- , +), the play-pause button, and the bluetooth indicators, blue lights indicates you are connected to a media. It has the Jam Plus 2 indicator, blinking blue light indicates that it’s trying to connect with another set of Jam Plus Bluetooth speaker.  The power button of theJam Plus is located in the bottom part of the speaker, long press for about 3-5 seconds and your speaker is ready to use. It also has the Reset hole, and the Mono switch if you wish to connect it with another Jam Plus speaker. And oh, before I forgot, it can be charged using the common micro USB port and you can connect it to your laptop and phone using the auxiliary jack.

Durability/Quality (4 Stars)
I have been using the Jam Plus Bluetooth Speaker for about 10 months now and so far I have no complain with the durability of the item. With the help of its sturdy appearance and its housing quality, it stood strong to different circumstances I used it with. It never failed me.

Convenience (5 Stars)
As what I wrote on the functionality part, it is very convenient to use, very easy to navigate. Also the packaging provides you with the convenience to bring it anywhere you wanna go. And of course very easy to connect with your media.

Sound Quality/ Connectivity (5 Stars)
The Jam Plus Bluetooth Speaker has the robust sound quality. I mean for a small speaker like this one, it’s amazing how crisp the bass sound it produce, Finally, it can it can connect to any bluetooth device up to 40 meters. I could not ask for more.

Cost (4 Stars)
Cost-wise it is cheaper compared to those well know brands we have in the market now. It is a very practical buy for me, and it served its purpose just fine.

Over-all rating (5 Stars)
Having pointed out the important details of Jam Plus, I guess it’s just right to say it was a good buy. No regrets at all, with all the necessary things I look into upon purchasing things from Amazon. I give 5 stars for this  Jam Plus Bluetooth Speaker.

Photo Credit to : Amazon