College Life : Living Independently

This article is all about the first time I started living in the city, away from home, away from my family, away from everything I’ve grown to get used to. This is college life!

Back then, being a newbie to the city, I experienced staying in my room on weekends to keep away from temptations and vices. I was a model child for a while, or so I thought. But I had adapt myself to the changing world and blend in, make connections and network of friends. 7 years I lived alone, and I have grown to get used to the perks and down side of living alone. Here’s my list of the perks and disadvantages of living independently.


1. You have to wash your own dirty clothes – I dreaded doing my laundry, but for a student with a limited resources I eventually got used to it.

2. Nobody will tell you to eat, no home-cooked meal – you prefer to buy your food at the nearby store, specially when the house you’re renting doesn’t have their own kitchen.

3. You have to get used to eating the same food for breakfast and lunch – prefer to just open canned food for breakfast and eat the left-over during lunch time.

4. You have to wash the dishes and do all the house chores – You don’t want to leave your dirty plate on your bed, so no other choice than to wash it yourself.

5. You have to do your own grocery – It’s all up to you on what supplies to buy, queuing for the cashier are the worst.

6. You have to wake up on your own, without anybody waking you up – Bad news for those who are dependent to their mom, she won’t be there to wake you up so set your phones on full volume or you’ll be late to school.

7. You have to budget your allowance – allocating a budget for your monthly supplies is very difficult, but budgeting that insufficient amount of  money is the worst. Specially when you have an emergency project at school, no choice but to give that last drop of money and settle for a biscuit for a meal.

Perks of living alone:

1. When your friends set up an unplanned party –
you don’t have to ask for permission from your parents.

2. You’re alw​ays free to go – 
You’re always available when somebody ask you to hangout.

3. You get to go home late and drunk with out your parents knowing

4. You can have have a sleepover at your classmate’s house without asking permission from your parent. You can even travel on weekends for an out of town adventure.

5. You’re your own boss, nobody’s get to boss you around – 
If you’re feeling lazy, by all means sleep all day!

6. You will learn to do things your way –
Oh yeah! you become wiser and it teaches you to be practical.

7. It teaches you to do chores you don’t normally do at home –
You become more responsible and you learn the difficulties life offers.

8. You become more aware of the value of money – 
You will understand how hard your parents have to work to give you allowance.

9. You will value your family more.

Yes college life is a fun chapter for a lot of people’s lives, living alone, making memories on your own, a great deal of freedom! But with great freedom comes a great responsibility. And so in everything you do, safety should always comes first,  and be mindful of the people you’re with. Choose the right people to get friends with. Remember, RESPONSIBLITY is always the key. Living alone, it teaches you about LIFE!!!

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