My first land border crossing from Costa Rica to Nicaragua wasn’t fun at all, if anything it was a sh*tshow! We started our travel from Santa Ana, Costa Rica, woke up 4am to get a 4:30am Uber to TICA BUS. Got there too early so they put us to the 5am bus instead of theContinue reading “LAND BORDER CROSSING EXPERIENCE – COSTA RICA TO NICARAGUA”

Sao Paulo Virtual Tour – Berrini Ave to the Airport

SAO PAULO VIRTUAL TOUR – Berrini Ave to GRU Airport (4K). It was quite a long journey and the traffic didn’t make it any better. Took as more than 40 minutes to get into the airport as traffic was quite bad. The view from outside the car was beautiful though. #GirlOnGlobalAdventures #GoGA #SaoPauloVirtualTour _____________________________________________________________________________________Stay tunedContinue reading “Sao Paulo Virtual Tour – Berrini Ave to the Airport”


Today we explore Beco Do Batman in Sao Paulo, Brazil. It is a famous tourist destination because of the artistic mural and graffiti along the street. The nickname for the area is attributed to a graffiti of the DC Comics character Batman which was painted on one of the walls in the 1980s. The graffiti of Beco doContinue reading “SAO PAULO STREET ART – BRAZIL ADVENTURES DURING #COVID19”

Nusa Penida, Indonesia – A Travel Guide To A perfect Gateaway

You were a dream once, now you’re a memory. Nusa Penida, Indonesia is an island in the southeastern side of Bali separated by Badung Strait . It is a part of district of Klungkung Regency that includes the neighbouring small island of Nusa Lembongan . Head on to my YouTube channel for travel videos –Continue reading “Nusa Penida, Indonesia – A Travel Guide To A perfect Gateaway”

Now Is the Time To Secure Your Future With Sun Life Financial

They say you’re never too old to start saving and it’s never too late. Of course that’s true but it is always better to start young, right. So what are you waiting for? Start when you’re young and able and together let’s pave our way to that bright future. Start NOW! When you reached thatContinue reading “Now Is the Time To Secure Your Future With Sun Life Financial”

Mount Kapayas: You Took My Breath Away

Ill be honest, I dont really go trekking or climb mountains a lot but when I do, I always see to it to make the best out of it. I may not be a professional climber but I do know the basics and I always practice safety. In this particular adventure thou, I was luckyContinue reading “Mount Kapayas: You Took My Breath Away”

A Thank You Note: For You With Love

December 31, 2017 (11:59PM) A thank you note for someone dear from someone awesome. With overflowing love, admiration, and pocket full of hope for better 2018… Before this year ends for me in this part of the world, I just wanna say thank you for coming into my life. In a very short time youContinue reading “A Thank You Note: For You With Love”


Do you have any idea how much I love you? I bet you don’t because while I was busy loving you, you were silently still loving her. I was stupid, was blinded by the strong emotion I felt for you. I was once again DOOMED! But it was okay, cause I was hopeful and hopeContinue reading “FOR YOU WHO LOVES HER & I, WHO LOVED YOU”

Carnaza Island: Travel guide and experience

I normally get involve in a pre-planned, open-invite group travels. Not because I have no one to go and travel with but because it allowed me to meet new people and make new friends. It allowed me to listen to new life stories and struggles. It gave me a sense of belongingness. Being with aContinue reading “Carnaza Island: Travel guide and experience”

Memories Of You

I was cleaning my room when i saw a shoe box of our memories, i wonder if we ever bump into each other again, should i ask you “do you remember how crazy we were for each other?” how i adored the natural glow in your skin and the love in your eyes every timeContinue reading “Memories Of You”