Sao Paulo Virtual Tour – Berrini Ave to the Airport

SAO PAULO VIRTUAL TOUR – Berrini Ave to GRU Airport (4K). It was quite a long journey and the traffic didn’t make it any better. Took as more than 40 minutes to get into the airport as traffic was quite bad. The view from outside the car was beautiful though. #GirlOnGlobalAdventures #GoGA #SaoPauloVirtualTour _____________________________________________________________________________________Stay tunedContinue reading “Sao Paulo Virtual Tour – Berrini Ave to the Airport”


We explore São Paulo Municipal Market one of the biggest and popular markets in Sao Paulo. We try some local liquor, 42% alcohol isn’t fun. We stopped at the fruits stand, tasted one too many fruits and embarrass not to buy . To then realize everything is expensive but it’s too late! Before we knowContinue reading “BOUGHT THE MOST EXPENSIVE FRUIT IN SAO PAULO, BRAZIL”


Today we explore Beco Do Batman in Sao Paulo, Brazil. It is a famous tourist destination because of the artistic mural and graffiti along the street. The nickname for the area is attributed to a graffiti of the DC Comics character Batman which was painted on one of the walls in the 1980s. The graffiti of Beco doContinue reading “SAO PAULO STREET ART – BRAZIL ADVENTURES DURING #COVID19”

Carnaza Island: Travel guide and experience

I normally get involve in a pre-planned, open-invite group travels. Not because I have no one to go and travel with but because it allowed me to meet new people and make new friends. It allowed me to listen to new life stories and struggles. It gave me a sense of belongingness. Being with aContinue reading “Carnaza Island: Travel guide and experience”

12 Types of Commuters

Every day I travel for about 35 minutes on a Public Utility Vehicle (PUJ) to my work place. The  past 3 years of my commuting life I grew accustomed to the kinds of people I travel along with every day. And so for this article I will try to enumerate  some of the kind of commuter IContinue reading “12 Types of Commuters”