A Thank You Note: For You With Love

December 31, 2017 (11:59PM) A thank you note for someone dear from someone awesome. With overflowing love, admiration, and pocket full of hope for better 2018… Before this year ends for me in this part of the world, I just wanna say thank you for coming into my life. In a very short time youContinue reading “A Thank You Note: For You With Love”

Memories Of You

I was cleaning my room when i saw a shoe box of our memories, i wonder if we ever bump into each other again, should i ask you “do you remember how crazy we were for each other?” how i adored the natural glow in your skin and the love in your eyes every timeContinue reading “Memories Of You”

It’s All About Love

Every time that you are close to me, I lose control of my sanity. Every night, Every day, And every word that you say, Is like a spell that carries me away. When I’m with you it feels so right, Especially those times when you hold me tight. Thinking about you keeps me up allContinue reading “It’s All About Love”

Open Letter For Valentines Day : To Piglet With Love

Ahhh… valentines, brings out the unusual sweetness of people. And so for this article, I will be sharing a letter I borrowed from a friend, she acquired from the recent valentines day celebration… To Piglet with love, When I first met you I knew that you will become an important part of my life. What IContinue reading “Open Letter For Valentines Day : To Piglet With Love”