A Poem: My Beautiful Disaster

You came out of the blue Now I am stuck like glue. You make me smile unconsciously, Now my feelings is growing unstoppably. You give me reason to look forward to tomorrow, It seems like my heart is stricken with an arrow. At times I don’t know what to say, All I know is IContinue reading “A Poem: My Beautiful Disaster”

It’s All About Love

Every time that you are close to me, I lose control of my sanity. Every night, Every day, And every word that you say, Is like a spell that carries me away. When I’m with you it feels so right, Especially those times when you hold me tight. Thinking about you keeps me up allContinue reading “It’s All About Love”

Poem : Simply Because You Are, You

I like it when you talk I like the way you walk I like it when you comb your hair Like it more when you stare I like you when you sing I like all your blings I like you when you’re freshly bathe I like you more when you’re all sweat. I like youContinue reading “Poem : Simply Because You Are, You”

Poem : A Glimpse Of You

I have long been trying, To erase this intense feeling. And now I am learning, To forget this extreme longing. The hugs we shared, Dreams that now tattered. Soothing words you used to console me, Are now just memories. I weep for those times when I think of you, Knowing that you will never beContinue reading “Poem : A Glimpse Of You”