Friends, They Make Life Easier

Created a new YouTube channel for my travel videos – Girls On Global Adventures , Check it out! I post new videos weekly. I am currently traveling through Southeast Asia.

In this lifetime you’ll meet a lot of people; some of those are passing by, but if your lucky enough you’ll meet those crazy few that will stay and and you’ll call friends. They’re those friends that you don’t get in touch often but you know will be there if you need them. They’re the few who will tag you on adventures may it be a quick climb or a spontaneous road trips of which you will willingly commit. They’re the few whom you share the same passion and interests, and of course share almost everything and apparently the same vanity.😂

And yes, I got lucky and I met those crazy few and needless to say all our get together are equally memorable. So cheers to friendship, cheers to summer, to beautiful sunsets, to hammock moments, to draining our phones and going home with thousands of photos with almost the same pose, hence VAIN.🤭😂

With a joyful heart and rudely tanned skin, I could definitely say “what a lovely rest day that was”. Looking forward to more road trips and photoshoot with these guys. My bro’s from another mo’s.

Good friends don’t let you do crazy stuff alone, they do it with you and enjoy every second of it. End of the day they give you good times and leave best memories. It’s really rare to meet real people these days, I’m pretty lucky to have found these two

😂 🏝🤙🏽☀️

When you meet those people to whom you can share your craziness with, don’t let them go

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A humble Filipina chasing her dream of traveling the world. Follow me as I continue my journey.

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