Open Letter/ Story To Someone Who Used to be Very Close To Me : It is Never Too Late

First Drafted : May17, 2014

They say “Friends give us courage to lift the blinds on our hearts. To open up and show what we generally keep hidden from the rest of the world”… So true indeed, and in my case you’re one of this so called “FRIEND”. You are someone whom I can relate to and be myself. You throw no judgements towards me, you listen then you understand. You forgive and then you forget. You are one of those people with a very childlike soul, kind generous heart, and the most selfless person I’ve known in my entire life. And for this I am always very grateful that in this life time i came across your path. I got the chance to know you and be your friend, Shared laughters and tears with you, most especially shared happy memories with you.
 I have always been vocal how Thankful i am for your friendship, and so today I will tell you once more. Thank you so much “Pretty Sis” *wink-wink* for everything you’ve done for me. For all the memories we have experience (both happy-sad).


Never did I expect to meet someone so caring, sharing, loving and kind-hearted. I know I don’t deserve to be his friend (kay evil ra kaayo ko), but somehow we clicked and at this moment I am certain that we will be good friends till infinity. I know I’ve always been a b!*ch to him for quite awhile, treating him like $h*!, but he never did put any grudges in me. He’s still that kind-hearted person I met since day one. And so for his birthday I would like to acknowledge his presence and how much he touched my heart life in more ways than one. To Nikki, this is my shout-out to you and Happy Birthday I Love You.

with nikki taken at Camotes Island April 12, 2013

First, I would like to look back to that day we first met. I was applying for a job at a company he’s working as a Human Resource Personnel. He facilitated my preliminary exam and my initial interview, and he looked very young to be working at that company and to be facilitating the said application process. But he was very formal and I knew he meant business. Eventually, I got hired and two years after I am still working at the same company. I must admit though, I can’t remember vividly the exact moment when we first hit it off and started being real good friends. What I am sure of was that it all started over a bottle of Red Horse beer. I can remember going out with him and our other colleague after work to drink a bottle of beer. But instead of having one bottle, we ended up drinking one bucket while singing on the karaoke. From there we became drinking buddies and started spending a lot of time together (mostly drinking beer). I do think, I was his bad influence that time. But I didn’t really care coz I know we’re both having a good time. And after hearing his life stories and struggles, I know he deserved to have a break and just be free.

taking a break a busy Sinulog night

It was February 15, 2013 (Friday) when I introduced him to my best friend – Yami. Nikki and I, with our boss were hanging out at my place when I invited Yami over so she can hang with us. They instantly became friends, they hit it off that fast. We were uber drunk so they spent the night at my place. I remember the next day, Nikki left his phone in the cab still groggy from last night’s drinking session. Since then we became really close friends (The three of us). As we are officemates, we usually plan our night-out and just inform Yami the details and all.

Sinulog 2013 with our boss at Cebu, IT Park

We really did spend most of our time together. Every working day at the office, and then during weekends. We always hangout either just the two of us or with our boss and yami.

taking some well deserved timeout Sinulog 2014

What I really like about him is that I can tell him everything, anything at all. He just listens without any judgements. He knows all my secrets and he shared some of his secret.  Whenever we’re together, anything is possible. And although he has this fear of riding on a boat, and ship, or sharks and other sea creatures, (literally anything that’s related to sea), he still accompany me to my all my trips. He’s brave, I hope he know’s that he is.

yeah, we kinda love the beach and we used to love to travel together, not anymore

Taken at Camotes Island, Santiago Bay Garden & Resort
We’ve been to a lot of adventures together; to Danasan where he experienced riding an ATV, we climbed Osmena Peak in Mantalongon, Dalaguete. We went to Camotes to celebrate Yami’s birthday. We went to Siquijor to celebrate something special, tour around the island riding on a motorcycle. We crossed the waters of Bogo City and went to Capitancillo Islet. We did an outreach event in Daanbantayan in the midst of the calamity brought by typhoon Haiyan. Went to Oslob together with our officemate to swim with the Whale Shark and went straight to Sumilon Island. Went back to Oslob to visit Tumalog Falls. We were even together during our company’s summer outing – island hopping. We experience these things together, we shared moments no one can take away from us. Together we made both our lives fun-filled and with purpose.

Final Draft : May 17, 2015

I did mention a year too late right? I’m not only talking about figuratively but also in the truest meaning of the word “too late”. Too late because as much as I am ashamed to admit it, we had indeed went our separate ways. And this letter won’t mean a thing anymore, nevertheless, I am publishing this letter to put all my cards down in the table and clean my conscience after this I can move on and start anew. And in the years to come and I get older, I would look back to this article and reminisce all our memories together. Coz what really matters to me are the memories we spent together, the experiences, the laughters, the moments.

Never too late to post this article, I suppose. Now I am feeling lazy to proofread this.

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